New HTML 5 Tutorial Offers Guide to iOS-Friendly Web Design

Toronto, Canada – Technology training leader InfiniteSkills Inc recently released its new HTML 5 training course offering real-time demonstrations of industry standard design and development techniques, with full compatibility for Apple devices. The course aims to assist both beginning and experienced HTML users in effectively implementing many new capabilities of the latest version of emerging web standard as transitioning web sites to HTML 5 will allow them to more easily support coming features of the protocol.

The InfiniteSkills HTML 5 tutorial includes 66 lessons focusing on basic HTML usage, website design, and embedding images and videos. HTML 5 is the most recent revision of the standard HTML web language, the basis for almost all internet viewing on personal computers, smart phones, and tablets. It is being designed to improve support for multimedia across a variety of platforms, keeping pace with the demands of today’s mobile web browsing technology. The InfiniteSkills HTML5 tutorial reflects these innovations, helping viewers understand the fundamentals of language and understand how it can be utilized to make websites more flexible, more interactive and more accessible to a wide range of audiences.

Instructor John Ulliman, an HTML expert with nearly 20 years’ experience in technology tutoring, guides learners through the basics of web design using HTML 5. The course is arranged around the step-by-step construction of a web site in which the essential elements of HTML 5 are employed. Users learn skills such as basic web page design, how to insert links, employ CSS styles, and embed images and videos.

Chris Johns, content coordinator, says that the best way to start using HTML is to be shown and guided through the direct steps. “The approach at InfiniteSkills,” says Johns, “is to create an immersive environment where users are guided through the actual use of HTML 5 right on their screen rather than reading a book or trying to work from an overview.” He adds that the InfiniteSkills approach allows beginners to intuitively grasp the most necessary skills for using HTML in a workflow.

Pricing and Availability:
The HTML 5 tutorial videos are both Macintosh and Windows compatible, and can be downloaded directly from the InfiniteSkills website or ordered on DVD-ROM. The complete tutorials in any format are priced at $99.95 USD retail. Shipping and purchasing options are available worldwide. Free demonstration videos and a complete list of tutorial subjects are also available on the company’s website.

Learning HTML 5 Tutorial DVD – Video Training
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