Apps Gone Free Roundup: Assassin’s Creed Recollection, Fishdom HD (Premium) and more

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Recollection for the iPad, the well received card/board game based off the popular franchise, is now free for a limited time.

Assassin’s Creed Recollection is a new iPad real-time board game from the Ubisoft Montreal studio that will allow players to live an entirely new experience in the world of Assassin’s Creed. Fans of the franchise will be able to discover and amass a wide variety of artwork created for the Assassin’s Creed games. They’ll also be able to compete in political battles in a real-time board game with key characters and locations from the games.

Also free today is Playrix’s super addictive match 3 Fishdom HD (Premium), an iPad offering that would have set you back $6.99 otherwise. Other freebies include Prose with Bros, The Blocks Cometh and Fractal : Make Blooms Not War. Be sure to check out the rest of the roundup after the break.

Assassin’s Creed Recollection (iPad Only)

Key Features
ASSEMBLE A VIRTUAL GALLERY – Assassin’s Creed is renowned for the accurate representation of various historical locations around the world and for the high level of quality and fidelity in character design. It is now possible to go behind the scenes to amass and enjoy the artwork created by the talented artists who worked on all Assassin’s Creed games.

TACTICAL DEPTH – The war between the Templar and the Assassins is now invading the iPad in this real-time board game. Players will be able to engage in deep tactical gameplay in order to outsmart their enemies in challenging political battles.

PREPARE YOUR MEMORY SEQUENCE -With over 280 different Memories to discover, reconnect with some of the famous characters from Assassin’s Creed 2 and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.

STORY MODE – Explore an 8 to 10-hour narrative experience with 20 story mode missions, which will take players on an intriguing journey from Barcelona to Constantinople.

Assassin's Creed Recollection Ubisoft, Assassin’s Creed Recollection, – Free

Fishdom HD (Premium) (iPad Only)

Build up and develop your Fishdom! Progress through challenging boards and solve immersive puzzles to earn cash. Use the money to buy eye-candy fish and attractive ornaments for your dream aquarium. Get accessories and supplies to create the perfect conditions for your finny pals and ensure their comfort. Win awards and upgrade your virtual tank as you perfect your aquarium design skills and have fun with the lovely fishy sims. Being a unique fusion of classic gameplay and innovative twists, this game with unlimited replayability will bring you lots of joyful moments!

Fishdom HD (Premium) Playrix, Fishdom HD (Premium), – Free

Fractal : Make Blooms Not War (iPad Only)

From the creators of the award-winning games Auditorium and Pulse: Volume One comes Fractal, a new ambient music puzzler experience. Combo, Chain, and Cascade your way through a pulsing technicolor dreamscape that reacts to your every move, while manipulating Fractals, creating Blooms, and expanding your consciousness at 130 BPM. On the surface it’s a mere puzzle game, but as you dig deeper, untold dimensions of expression unfold. Intuitive but complex, challenging but not harsh, Fractal is a truly engaging experience.

Fractal : Make Blooms Not War Cipher Prime Studios, Fractal : Make Blooms Not War, – Free

Sentinel: Mars Defense

Sentinel: Mars Defense – a premium sci-fi strategy game.
It’s war. Earth’s first off-world colony is fighting for survival against a savage alien onslaught!
Mars is under siege and thousands of lives are on the line. Humanity’s only hope is you, the commander of the dropship Sentinel. Welcome to the future of Tower Defense!

Deploy sophisticated turret technology across the Martian landscapeto halt the alien advance. Protect walls and barriers that block the enemy’s path to your base. Upgrade your weaponry, or release robotic drones to repair buildings and harvest resources. Watch the battle for the planet unfold in beautifully rendered, atmospheric graphics.

Sentinel: Mars Defense Origin8, Sentinel: Mars Defense, – Free

Prose with Bros (Universal)

Welcome to Prose with Bros, the first ever multiplayer competitive fridge poetry game (we’ve since discovered this isn’t true, but whatever it’s a good opening line).

Prose with Bros is sort of like those fridge magnets you use to leave dirty sentences for your roommates. If only your fridge could talk and was connected to the internet so you could play against people around the world (side note: that fridge would be awesome).

You can challenge your friends (or enemies) to a game, or just hop in with a random opponent. You both get the same 50 words to make a sentence. Who wins? Let the mob decide! 12 hours of online voting by the rest of the world will determine if you’re totally more awesome than your friend (like you keep telling them).

Prose with Bros Evil Laugh Games, Prose with Bros, – Free

Army of Frogs HD (Universal)

In a small pond with a population of frogs that is constantly growing, the fight for territory and the best possible location is always, a battle.

Army Of Frogs is an excitingly, fun board game by the award winning games designer, John Yianni. The game is for 2-4 players (human or AI) with each player in control of a group of 10 frogs, which connect to the other player’s frogs to form an island.

Army of Frogs HD Big Daddy’s Creations, Army of Frogs HD, – Free

The Blocks Cometh

The world is being destroyed. Help Blockman and his friends to survive as long as you can. Run, jump, and shoot and climb to top your highest score in this endless vertical climber. The Blocks Cometh is a game about dodging and climbing an endless series of falling blocks.

Featuring guest characters like Mr.Destructoid, the one and only Jim Sterling and The Agent from League of Evil. Plus so much More!

Amazing original soundtrack by indie music sensations Hyperduck Soundworks!!

The Blocks Cometh By Halfbot Halfbot, The Blocks Cometh By Halfbot, – Free

Pirate Gunner HD (Universal)

Featured as “New and Noteworthy” in the US App Store!
Man the guns! An epic pirate sea battle puzzle game awaits ye me hearty!
There be legendary treasure for the taking, but to get it, you’ll have to blast your cannons against scurvy pirates, sea monsters and something no pirate has ever seen upon the 7 seas!

– A puzzle game incorporating fun animated scenes.
– Play in real-time with excited music and beautiful graphics, Retina supported.
– 20 Act Original Story of epic sea battles! 20 unique achievements! 50 different puzzles! 300 sea battle challenges! Tons of Power Up and other bonus items! Keeping updated.
– Critical hits! Combos! Fire all your guns once or fire continuously to send the lot of your enemies to Davy Jones’ Locker.

Pirate Gunner HD Black Pearl Games Limited, Pirate Gunner HD, – Free


**[How to Play]

–Flick left/right to rotate blocks and down to drop.

1.Use various forms of blocks to fill the gaps between blocks.
2.If you succeed it, the blocks will be exploded.
3.Do it continuously to get large explosion.

-You can play the “PUZZLE PRISM” with very simple keypad.
-All the game modes support a global high score rankings system



The Puzzle Team of PONOS introduces new release,”PUZZLE COSMOS”
It stops you thinking and draws you into pleasantness!!

The Beauty of”PUZZLE COSMOS”gives you refreshing feeling.
It includes 4 BGMs which were very popular in the other PONOS games.
Get it and aim for more than 100 chains!

Graphics and sounds of the game are harmonious with the game system.
It is totally different from any games before….That is “PUZZLE COSMOS”!!



You are an alien on a mission, drive a vehicle and use it to kidnap and transport the monsters.
Your task is to feed them in a specific order but hurry up – they can die of hunger quickly.
You encounter a lot of various pitfalls during your mission, thus your brain cells will be activated often.

The game with 40 levels, 2 worlds (the new ones will be ready soon !!!) and a large dose of untypical humor.
Traditional animation supported by physics.

Monsters&Bones Robert Lulek, Monsters&Bones, – Free

Jambalaya (Universal)

Jambalaya won a 2011 Webby Award!!!
The other Webby Award winning game in the app store? Angry Birds!!! That’s pretty impressive company.
Thank you to all of our users that have helped make Jambalaya a success.

Jambalaya is a fast-paced word game that’s fun for iPad and iPhone players alike. Jambalaya now offers quick, action packed gameplay whether you’re teaming up for tabletop play or going solo on a handheld device. Use your finger to connect letters and form words by drawing a line across the screen. Drag and reorganize your tiles to create space or find new words; give your device a shake to scramble the tiles at random. Get ready for an addictive and challenging word game experience!

Jambalaya Fastspot, Jambalaya, – Free

Move the Box

The popular Move the Box logic puzzle is finally on AppStore!

+ simple rules but tricky challenges
+ 168 fascinating levels
+ Over a million installs of all versions

Move the Box is a logic puzzle about moving boxes around. Clean the dock, do it fast!

You can move, drop and swap the boxes. Three or more boxes of the same kind in a line disappear. Watch out for turns, you only have a limited number!

Move the Box Bitchin’ Games, Move the Box, – Free

Wonton 51

Yo, do you like ramen and bullets?
World famous ramen chef JONNY POWERSLIDE’S girlfriend has been kidnapped by the nefarious Baron Wonton. Now Jonny’s in a wicked rage and ready to SUPER DASH COMBO INTO FIERCE AND SAVE THE DAY.

Hurtle at LITERAL MEGA SPEED down the HIGHWAY OF BULLET HELL, icing bad guys, destroying CHAOS FORTRESSES and slurpin’ on delicious noodles as you SAVE COOKIE!

Wonton 51 Quarter Circle Punch, Wonton 51, – Free


.â„¢ ‘The Sequel’ – A game of skill and agility.
.â„¢ / …â„¢ and …..â„¢ also now available on the store
(collect all 4)

.. â„¢ is now in 3D flying through a world of sound and graphics.

..â„¢ is 2/6 of a set of highly rare designer apps.
A mix of sound, graphics, and addictive game play.
Simple, fun, pleasing to the eyes/ears/brains at the same time.
Be part of the experience.
It’s all about the cool’ectable.
Become one of a few select individuals who can own them all.
Become one of us.

DOT2™ ustwoâ„¢, DOT2â„¢, – Free

AppSketcher (iPad Only)

Do you have the next great app idea? They say that the best way to start designing an app is to use a pen and paper…and we agree. But what if you want to use your iPad instead? If the iPad is your tool, then AppSketcher is your app!

‘AppSketcher’ is a very simple yet functional iPad app that is used by anyone looking to create their own apps. Our app gives you the feeling of pen and paper, but on your iPad. Use AppSketcher to ‘mockup’ or ‘wireframe’ your next
great app. Once you are done, you can share your design with your developer, team, or friends.


– Very simple to use! Just like Pen & Paper!
– Design multiple apps
– Several templates available
– Several ink colors and styles
– Share your designs via Email

AppSketcher Bald One Media, AppSketcher, – Free

OSnap! Ultimate Time Lapse

Simple, intuitive, powerful time lapse photography. Create and share stunning time lapse videos and photos with ease. Packed full of features, OSnap! is truly the ultimate time lapse photography application. Perfect for both casual and serious photographers.

-Choose a preset project for quick and easy time lapse sequences or create more advanced projects with a multitude of customization options
-Time lapse projects persist and are ongoing. Add or delete images any time you like
-Supports portrait and landscape
-Set default settings for new projects so that each new project you create begins with the exact settings you want

OSnap! Ultimate Time Lapse Justin Cegnar, OSnap! Ultimate Time Lapse, – Free

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