Angry Birds invades Facebook, Global productivity dips another 5%

In the event that you’re still not sick of slinging helpless birds into those pesky piggies, you can now simultaneously do your favorite two things in the whole wide world: Facebook stalking and playing Angry Birds. Earlier today, Angry Birds officially made its way onto Facebook, where 800+ million of its users can play the mindlessly addictive game for free. The Facebook version features the same gameplay we’ve all come to love, but with more of a social aspect thrown in, plus several all-new power ups.

Are you the best Angry Birds player around? Now you can prove it! With the brand-new social features for Angry Birds on Facebook, you can compete with your friends, brag about your scores, and earn coveted gold, silver, and bronze crowns for the top three scores in any level.

In addition to the Mighty Eagle, we have great new power-ups to help you pop even the peskiest piggy. In Angry Birds Facebook, you have the opportunity to earn power-ups by playing the game, receiving them as a “mystery gift” from a friend, or purchasing them. To begin, there are four amazing power-ups available.

As an added incentive for all “early birds”, Rovio is giving away 14 free power ups to those who check out the game on Facebook before Feb 16th. That should give you a bit of a head start when challenging your friends to see who’s the king of sling.

Angry Birds on Facebook can be played here.

[Rovio Blog]

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