[Updated] Apps Gone Free Roundup – Valentine’s Edition

Valentine’s Day is a mere day away and the App Store has plenty of quality apps that have gone free over the past several days. Telltale Games’ excellent episodic adventure Back to the Future Ep 1 HD (TMA Review) has dropped from $6.99 to free, and as an added bonus, all subsequent episodes [Ep 2 HDEp 3 HDEp 4 HDEp 5 HD] are currently on sale at 55% off ($2.99 ea.). Other freebies include the music creation game NodeBeat, a frantic time management title in Farm Frenzy 3 (TMA Review), and A+ Signature – The photo annotator, an app that lets users create annotations with their photos – great for creating Valentine’s cards on the fly. Check out the complete roundup — which we’ll be updating throughout the next 2 days — after the break.

Update: More apps have gone free, including Snapseed (TMA Review) and Fix-it-up: World Tour (TMA Review)!

Updated Feb 14th:

Snapseed (Universal)

** iPad App of the Year!**

Snapseed is the only photo app you’ll want to use every day. It makes any photograph extraordinary with a fun, high-quality photo experience right at your fingertips.

Anyone can enhance, transform, and share their photos with ease using incredibly advanced features from the leader in digital photography software.

Snapseed Nik Software, Inc., Snapseed (TMA Review), – Free

Fix-it-up: World Tour (Full)

Go global in this fantastic strategy adventure! In this sequel to “Fix-it-up: Kate’s Adventure”, you must help Kate expand her car-repair empire around the world! Build car-repair shops anywhere from snowy Canada to steaming African jungles. Buy cars, fix them and paint them to make your business prosperous. Earn your fortune in your quest to build the mansion of your dreams. You must make sure that you create what the clients want so you can set the prices high! Increase the quality of your offers by upgrading buildings and tuning the cars so they don’t pollute the environment. Hire the best specialists so you can get cars up and running in no time! But this game isn’t just mechanics! Find out how the fascinating love story of Kate ends. Who will she choose – Steve or Martin?

Fix-it-up: World Tour (Full) G5 Entertainment, Fix-it-up: World Tour (Full) (TMA Review), – Free
Fix-it-up: World Tour HD (Full) G5 Entertainment, Fix-it-up: World Tour HD (Full), – Free

Plunderland (Universal)

Plunderland — Play as Captain Peg Leg’s ghostly spirit and help your wannabe pirates steal back his treasure from wicked sea tyrants! Hours of unique gameplay.

* 100% Physics and touch based gameplay
* Boat upgrades and shop
* Unlock special abilities with bowsprits
Universal for both iPhone and iPad
Retina display (high resolution graphics)
* GameCenter achievements, friends and scoring
Twitter integration (iOS 5.0 and above)

Plunderland JohnnyTwoShoes, Plunderland, – Free

Top Gear: Where’s Stig?

The Stig has finally had enough – enough of the limelight, and more than enough of wannabe speed demons trying to race past him in the fast lane. So he’s going under deep cover where no one will ever find him. No one, that is, except maybe you. So travel the world looking for our nameless, faceless hero – plus a few of his Top Gear friends. Maybe he’s hidden himself in the darkest jungles of Botswana. Thinks he’ll blend in nicely at the North Pole. Or is cleverly keeping a very low profile in the Top Gear studio. Wherever he goes, you’ll have fun looking for the elusive, silent, masked hero.

Top Gear: Where's Stig? BBC Worldwide, Top Gear: Where’s Stig?, – Free
Top Gear: Where's Stig? HD BBC Worldwide, Top Gear: Where’s Stig? HD, – Free

Hypership Out of Control (Universal)

Space is a dangerous place for even the most seasoned starship pilot, full of asteroids, multicolored floating blocks, and space mines. It’s even more dangerous when your accelerator is stuck to the floor and your brakes are out. Can you survive long enough to get that elusive high score or are you destined to add a new crater to the face of an unsuspecting asteroid?

Hypership Out of Control Fun Infused Games, Hypership Out of Control, – Free

Cro-Mag Rally (Universal)

Cro-Mag Rally is the wildest racing 3D game since man invented the wheel! You are a speed-hungry caveman named Brog who races through the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages in primitive vehicles with primitive weapons!

• 9 different race tracks
• 11 different vehicles
• 9 types of powerups
• Network multiplayer racing, tag, and capture-the flag with 8 additional multiplayer tracks!

Cro-Mag Rally Pangea Software, Inc., Cro-Mag Rally, – Free

Vintage Camera Pro

Vintage Camera app has been downloaded by more than 3 million users in its first month!

Turn your iPhone into a genuine vintage camera!
Vintage Camera is a new reference application for iPhone and iPod Touch. Add fully original and striking effects to your photos and give them style.

★ The application offers a nice retro design inspired by cameras from the last century.
★ Compatible Retina Display on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Maximum optimization and rapidity with iOS5.
★ Take photos fast by configuring the Flash option (Auto, On, Off) and the camera (back or front) in the interface. You can also import photos directly from the iPhone photo album.

Vintage Camera Pro Presselite, Vintage Camera Pro, – Free

Silent Film Director

Silent Film Director will transform your videos into magnificent vintage and retro films

VARIETY OF STYLES for your films
★ 20’s movie
★ 60’s home video (for the Hippie style videos)
★ 70’s home video
★ Black and White
★ Sepia
★ Vintage Sepia

★ 8 Built-in soundtracks
★ Upload Music from iPod
★ Upload Music via Sharing Folder from Mac or PC

Silent Film Director MacPhun LLC, Silent Film Director, – Free

Learn Guitar (Universal)

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar but didn’t know where to start and don’t want to spend a lot of money on private lessons, this is the app for you! Mahalo’s beginner guitar course will get you acquainted with the basics so you can start rockin’ out.

Learn Guitar Mahalo.com Incorporated, Learn Guitar, – Free

Air Media Center (Universal)

Ever wanted to have your entire digital media collection in the palm of your hand?

Air Media Center’s high-performance, retina optimized streaming leaves other standard media streaming apps in the dust when it comes to directly accessing the movies, personal videos, photos and music stored on your Mac or PC.

Air Media Center is a distributed suite of 2 applications. In order to enjoy AMC, you will first need to download and install our free server application on your Mac/PC. Air Media Server is available for free in the Mac App Store. PC version is also available for free from our website:

Air Media Center App Dynamic, Air Media Center, – Free

Pot Smash (Universal)

Like smashing stuff? Challenge your brain while your fingers do the smashing. Combine thinking skills with quick reactions to smash every pot in sight.

Open Feint and Game Center integration
Awards for achievement
Simple tap interface
Addictive gameplay

Pot Smash Minimega Pty Ltd, Pot Smash, – Free

Back to the Future Ep 1 HD

Marty McFly & Doc Brown return in a brand new Back to the Future adventure!

In Episode 1, Marty McFly is just getting re-acquainted with the 1980’s when the DeLorean Time Machine he saw destroyed by a speeding train materializes before him. He finds out that Doc Brown is trapped somewhere in the past and that he must travel back in time to save the Doc’s future!

– Play as Marty in a cinematic adventure true to the films
– Features likenesses of Marty & Doc, with Christopher Lloyd returning to voice Doc
– Collaboration with Bob Gale, Film Trilogy Co-Creator/Co-Writer
– All 5 episodes available now!

Back to the Future Ep 1 HD Telltale Inc, Back to the Future Ep 1 HD (TMA Review), – Free

Farm Frenzy 3

So you think you’ve mastered farming sims? Try running five exotic farms in one game! Farm Frenzy 3 challenges you to revamp farms from around the world that need your help! Conquer Farm Frenzy 3 and you may even find yourself president of the Farmer’s Union!

The Frenzy goes global as you compete in 95 fast-paced levels in places like the South Pole, Africa, Russia, the Wild West, and the untamed jungle. Feed 30 wild and crazy animals including walruses, penguins and llamas, while protecting your farm from dangerous jaguars, lions and bears!

Farm Frenzy 3 Alawar Entertainment, Farm Frenzy 3 (TMA Review), – Free
Farm Frenzy 3 HD Alawar Entertainment, Inc, Farm Frenzy 3 HD, – Free

Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas

Create a hotel empire in the heart of Las Vegas, complete with five-star accommodations, upscale restaurants and glamorous casinos! With colorful graphics, levels packed with animation, and hours of addictive time management action, Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas hits the jackpot of fun!

◇ 39 thrilling levels
◇ Five vibrant settings
◇ 30 glamorous buildings
◇ 25 compelling shop upgrades
◇ In-game tutorial

Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas Alawar Entertainment, Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas, – Free
Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas HD Alawar Entertainment, Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas HD, – Free

Star Warfare:Alien Invasion (Universal)

UBW-594244 is a beautiful and peaceful planet located at the far edge of human territory…Mithril, a revolutionary new raw material, is found here. The population is growing rapidly. It’s a happy and wealthy region…Until ‘they’ appear!

There’s nowhere to retreat: Defeat the enemies here, now, or your home will be lost forever!

Solid single player mode
l Various enemies with rich AI
l Console-like smooth control
l 5 maps and 30 levels, loot can be used in solo and multiplayer modes

Simply the best co-op shooting game on smart phones
l Console-quality boss battles, team with up to 3 players(WIFI, 3G)
l Earn more gold in team survival mode.
l Armor and bags specially designed for team battle

Star Warfare:Alien Invasion Freyr Games, Star Warfare:Alien Invasion, – Free

Jet Ball

Destroy all static and moving bricks and obstacles to win the level. Touch and move left or right the pulsing circle under the pad to control it. Touch anywhere higher with another finger (use multi-touch) to release a ball, launch a rocket or shoot with plasma gun.

– bright, impressive graphics, nice visuals
– 145 spinning and moving levels
– really fast paced gameplay
– 3 difficulty levels
– 25 different power-ups and power-downs
– full retina support

Jet Ball codefreeze, Jet Ball (TMA Review), – Free

Dune Rider (Universal)

FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME – Tear around the desert in your nitro fueled Dune Rider. Jump off sand dunes, ramps, cliffs or whatever you can find and pull mid air stunts. Perform spectacular tricks, earn cash, unlock better cars and discover new worlds for the ultimate ride.

– Stunning 3D graphics and true physics
– Awesome drive and stunt controls
– Freedom to roam and explore
– Lots of powerful cars to choose from
– Unlock new locations and find the perfect ride
– Unlock on one device and use on another
– Game Center leaderboards
– Choose your own music as you play

Dune Rider Geek Beach, Dune Rider, – Free

MapleStory Cave Crawlers

Get lost in the charming lands of MapleStory all over again!
Introducing Maplestory: Cave Crawlers, a new tactical adventure through the forests, mountains, and dungeons of Maple World.

-Addictive new control system lets you explore Maple World like never before.
-Smash through monsters as a powerful Fighter or backstab your way to victory as a sneaky Thief.
-Customize weapons, armor, and skills for a unique experience every time!
-Test your tactics and reflexes against a wide variety of different enemies.
-Crawl through 5 randomized dungeons, with more to come, for hours of fun!

MapleStory Cave Crawlers NEXON MOBILE, MapleStory Cave Crawlers, – Free

Cat’s Revenge

*Meow. These bloody mice have stolen the Cat’s food! Almost all of it!
Can you imagine the Cat going to sleep starving? So, help the Cat to have revenge on mice for the sleepless, meaningless without the food, night on the kitchen!*

*Use the mousetrap to send flying three types of shells to knock the mice.*
*Get trough the dozens of obstacles to get the bloody mice!*
*While mice are knocked for a few seconds, grab them to the basket or they are going to leave the battlefield!*
*Collect all the mice to complete the level perfectly.*

Cat's Revenge King Bird, Cat’s Revenge, – Free

Soap Opera Dash

Fame, love triangles and drama hit the set of DinerTown! Get a backstage pass to fun in this exciting Dash game.

Years of working on her script in Flo’s Diner has finally paid off; Rosie gets her big break to produce her very own soap, As The Burger Turns.

Deliver scripts, style the characters, and set up the stage to produce the juiciest show around. Can you and the familiar DinerTown crew help Rosie on her road to fame? Find out in Soap Opera Dash, the zaniest soap opera game on the App Store!

Soap Opera Dash PlayFirst, Inc., Soap Opera Dash, – Free

Parking Dash

Climb behind the wheel of Parking Dash, the most addicting parking puzzle in the App Store! Slide, sort and stack a steady stream of zany cartoon cars in this brain-bending twist on time management, built especially for the iPhone. Help heroine Karma build the most popular parking lot in town!

“Dash” is one of the biggest gaming franchises on the App Store, and has been downloaded more than 20 million times. Put your mind into overdrive with Parking Dash!

Parking Dash PlayFirst, Inc., Parking Dash, – Free

Zarik HD (iPad Only)

Zarik is simple logical game, which consist of 100 levels (from very easy to near-impossible). Its main advantages are clear uncluttered interface and amusing strategic gameplay. You have a wooden board and several dice you have to move to outlined zones.

– The number of the die is the number of moves it can make.
– Touch and drag the die. Move the die to an outlined zone with no moves remaining.
– Touch screen with two fingers to enter the prediction mode.
– Some places are stack, so you cannot go there…

Zarik HD Avallon Alliance Ltd., Zarik HD, – Free

Mad Chef

Order up! One peanut butter & jellyfish sandwich, one pigeon pot pie, and two orders of the famous ratwurst! You are the world-renowned Mad Chef, serving up loads of fun in this hilarious and addicting game from Foursaken Media. Prepare tons of insane recipes by flinging knives, forks, spears, and even ninja stars at an avalanche of food that your faithful assistant throws out. Be careful with your aim, though! Your customers probably don’t appreciate the knives flying around the place as much as you do! Keep them happy and you’ll see your fame and fortune grow. Expand your business by opening new restaurants, and see if you can earn the critic’s coveted five-star rating for each. Mad Chef takes cooking to a crazy, new level!

Mad Chef Foursaken Media, Mad Chef, – Free

Monster Island

Monster thugs are on the loose harassing the inhabitants of the colorful world of Monster Island. Now, it’s up to you and your arsenal of mini-monster bombs to get rid of this plague of unwanted visitors. Can you stand against such mischievous foes?

Unlock five different monster bombs, each with its own abilities: Rocko, Sticky, Xplode, Blui and the fearsome Don Tonator! Toss them at enemies over 3 worlds and 200 reactive puzzles which will dazzle you for many hours of unparalleled fun.

Monster Island Miniclip.com, Monster Island, – Free

Element Defense

The first exciting real-time multiplayer TD game has finally come! Do not hesitate to invite your friends to challenge this game!
Use your element power to defense monster’s attack!
Get Element Defense now for FREE and lose yourself in the magic element world!

* 20 maps with different terrain
* 48 levels of varying difficulty
* 35 cute little monster
* 54 element towers & special heroes
* 88 special skills
* 48 different equipments

Element Defense Unico Interactive, Element Defense, – Free

A Skeleton Story…The Game

The famous comic book “A Skeleton Story …” has finally come to the AppStore! With its pleasant graphics already known to the fans of this comic book and its simple game-play, it will keep you stuck to play for hours! The game soundtrack will soon carry you in an enchanted, yet intriguing atmosphere, where you can challenge your friends thanks to the online ranking chart, or you can beat your record so to unlock various extra components in the game. 

Catch the kitten while jumping over the various buildings (Warning: Some are unsafe!) trying not to get killed by the enemies you meet on your way! Try to catch it as quickly as possible, collect many coins and boxes for further bonus, and surpass yourself! But be careful! If you hesitate too much, the kitten will run away and throw you off the scent not to be back again, so be quick and catch it!

A Skeleton Story...The Game KF Lab, A Skeleton Story…The Game, – Free

Toca Hair Salon

Let your kids run their own Toca Hair Salon! Cut, color, comb and blow-dry lifelike hair on six different cute characters. Using your fingers you can make any hair style you want! And of course – take a snapshot and save your creations!

– Cut and trim hair with the scissors and electric hair trimmer
– Wash the characters hair with shampoo, shower, and towel
– Use the hair dryer to get the right look
– 12 hair colors to choose from!
– 8 brand new accessories for the finished styling
– Use the magic potion G.R.O. to make the hair grow back again!
– Six cute characters that make fun faces and sounds while you cut their hair!

Toca Hair Salon Toca Boca, Toca Hair Salon, – Free

The Moogies

Say hi to The Moogies, the crazy, comical, colorful characters that are here to keep kids aged 2-6 entertained. Kids can make a phone call to any of the nine Moogies and listen as they talk back in their delightfully silly babble language. Touch objects on screen and watch the unexpected, and sometimes hilarious results as they interact with each Moogie. Bright, beautiful, fun and funny, The Moogies is the perfect kids game.

Nine hilarious Moogie characters to get to know, each with their own special characteristics. Watch The Moogies come to life in a multitude of funny ways as children interact with them on screen.

The Moogies Chillingo Ltd, The Moogies, – Free

A+ Signature – The photo annotator (Universal)

A+ Signature is a multi-usage photo annotation tool which allows you to make your mark on any photo.

• Add a signature, a simple watermark or create a fun photocard. The choice is yours!
• Use A+ Signature as a productivity tool to annotate pictures at work or at home.
• Annotate pictures of friends reunions, family parties, weddings, classmates, meetings or at your workplace.
• Add any autograph to your photos.
• Create a nice signature to use in other documents.

A+ Signature - The photo annotator Robert & Tsibucas, A+ Signature – The photo annotator, – Free

WoW Camera Pro

WOW CAMERA IS THE ULTIMATE PHOTO APP THAT PROVIDES ALL THE FEATURES YOU EVER WANTED FROM A PHOTO APPLICATION. All the features are smoothly integrated in one app. You can shot, edit, manage and share photos in one application (with various special effects and functions). It’s really fast and is equipped with very user friendly interface. Even if you are a novice in photography, you will soon enjoy taking photos with WoWCamera !!

Within WowCamera, you can
– [SHOT] take normal photos or you can take photos with various REAL-TIME FILTERS.
– [FOLDER MANAGER] browse and organize your photos using FOLDERs. SECURE FOLDER is also supported.
– [PHOTO EDITOR] retouch your photos with speech bubbles, stickers and so on. You can also rotate, crop or apply various filters on your photo.
– [CARTOON] make your own photo story by merging your photos.
– [BEAUTIFY] beautify your face.
– [SHARE] share your photos with your friends (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or eMail).
– [WIFI] transfer photos from/to PC/Mac using Web Browsers.

WoW Camera Pro Darinsoft, WoW Camera Pro, – Free

DMD Panorama

More than 2.2 million downloads.

– Fully automated capture system
– Blazing fast stitching, see the results in no time
– Full light exposure control
– Immersive 3D viewer, pinch or double tap to zoom, autoplay…
– Full 360 panoramas
– On-device local gallery
– Web gallery to enjoy thousands of public panoramas
– “Near me” gallery, see panoramas near your location
– No need to register anywhere to save your panoramas on your device

DMD Panorama Dermandar, DMD Panorama, – Free

Fera for Facebook (iPad Only)

Fera for Facebook (a.k.a “FPremium”) is the most advanced Facebook for iPad. The latest version 5 with a lot of new features and improvements that makes Fera becomes the best Facebook for iPad in the AppStore.

★ Beautiful design with Tab-based navigation UI, supports both Portrait & Landscape orientation
★ Super fast and smooth performance. Smart caching provides high speed data loading
★ Fast login, multi-account supported, fast account switching
★ Full NewsFeed & Wall posts
★ Profile Cover View
★ Auto update with Push Notification
★ Easy to share with ability to tweet to Twitter (iOS 5 only)
★ Bookmark everything by adding to Favorite list

Fera for Facebook Nam Kennic, Fera for Facebook, – Free

Sticky Notes for iPad

Sticky Notes is an amazing, multi-touch enabled noteboard designed specifically for iPad.

Features include:
– landscape and portrait mode are both supported
– multitouch-enabled; you can move multiple notes around the screen at once just by dragging.
– a beautiful way to keep reminders and thoughts.
– notes with multiple colors, fonts, and text colors.
– resize notes by pinching.

Sticky Notes for iPad tewks, Sticky Notes for iPad, – Free


Fliptoon Converts your toons into a High res animation using H.264 encoding.

Superb User Interface and simple to create animation and share between friends.


☆ H.264 Codec encoding
☆ Easy and Straight forward User interface
☆ Frame rates option between 1 to 15 for smooth animation
☆ Enhanced Page curl animation
☆ Retina Display support
☆ Preview display for easy access and producing animation
☆ Share with Facebook and email

FlipToon masterbk, FlipToon, – Free

NodeBeat [Expired]

Make inspiring music creations with NodeBeat, the intuitive and fun visual music app for all ages. Whether you’re 5 or 105, NodeBeat will make you sound like a pro. Create your own music in a matter of minutes or listen to NodeBeat generate its own. Easily share your creations with others or save them for later to show your friends. Discover your musical genius with NodeBeat!

★ Audio Features ★

– 20 Musical Scales
– All 12 Musical Keys Signatures
– 7 Octave Range
– 3-finger Background Keyboard/Piano
– Audio Waveform Adjustment (Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square)
– Creative Sound Sculpting (Echo, Attack, Decay, Release)
– Stereo Panning

NodeBeat AffinityBlue, NodeBeat, – Free
NodeBeat HD AffinityBlue, NodeBeat HD, – Free

Word Solitaire: Aurora [Expired]

Look northwards and to the stars for a dazzling display of word creation and traditional solitaire! Drag letters onto each other to arrange them into words. Flip over cards to expose more letters and complete the level by using all provided letters in the creation of words.

☀ A 250-Level “Campaign” will keep you hooked for months
☀ High-resolution Retina graphics
☀ Full Game Center support
☀ A comprehensive tutorial will help you pick up the game in minutes
☀ Compete against users around the world on the daily puzzle
☀ Configure a game with your own settings in Quick Play mode
☀ Stunning displays of the aurora change each day
☀ All-new twists like wildcards spice up the play

Word Solitaire: Aurora Candywriter, Word Solitaire: Aurora, – Free

Little Rockets HD [Expired]

Explore 4 planets with Little Rockets. Collect resources avoiding enemies or guide the rockets to the second base.

You can’t control the rockets. You can’t stop them. But you can control their movement! Place different arrows on the map to guide the rockets.

•Retina Display support
•Amazing colorful graphics
•Addictive and easy gameplay
•Game Center Leaderboard & Achievements
•55 awesome levels

Little Rockets HD FARCOM, Little Rockets HD, – Free

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