The Walking Dead – Walkers Kill Count Released on the App Store

AMC’s The Walking Dead, based off of Robert Kirkman’s popular comic book series of the same name (which happens to one of my favorite comics), now has its own companion iPhone/iPad app – The Walking Dead – Walkers Kill Count. Using audio fingerprinting technology (like Shazaam but for video), Walkers Kill Count lets you play along while watching season 2 of the hit zombie show.

Play along LIVE with The Walking Dead – Season 2, as you watch the latest episode on FXUK.

Predict the number of Walker kills, who did the most dirty work and what brutal weapon ended their life.

Hit the SYNC button at any point during an episode to connect your iPhone/iPad to the show, whether you’re watching live or later on catch-up.

Watch as your predictions unfold and experience even more intensity with our live, beating, thrillometer!

Follow the latest The Walking Dead tweets and join the conversation.

Boast about your final score with friends via Facebook or Twitter and revel in the Walker kill stats across previous episodes.

Re-live your favourite Walker kills through our extensive Season 2 video gore fest.

Make your predictions now…

The second half of Season 2 starts on February 19th, so if you’re a fan of the excellent (and gory) TV show, grab the free iOS app and begin making your kill count predictions.

The Walking Dead - Walkers Kill Count Fox (UK), The Walking Dead – Walkers Kill Count, – Free

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