Infovole releases Easy Writer for iPad

Germany-based developers Infovole have released Easy Writer for the iPad, a stripped down text editor based off their more robust Schreibkraft and Textkraft apps. Designed to let you type out documents more easily, Easy Writer features 10 cursor keys for fast navigation and even lets you access your files in the cloud via Dropbox/iCloud.

To set the main focus on the writing process, we have slimmed down our extensive Textkraft-Interface to give you a distraction free writing experience. The minimalist user interface includes the standard keyboard and one row of special text-selection-, navigation- and “missing-character”-buttons.

The spell-check feature highlights unknown words and with the jump-back button you can find the point of interest within a second.

As for those of you who prefer typing with the split keyboard, Easy Writer’s navigation bar remains intact, ensuring that you won’t have to venture too far away from your keyboard to perform functions like cursor movement, redo/undo, upper/lowercase, diacritical marks and more. Easy Writer is now available on the App Store and currently on sale for $0.99.

1a Easy Writer Infovole, 1a Easy Writer, – $0.99

Easy Writer – the power of simplicity …
This user-friendly and simple text editor is the ultimative productivity text tool for your iPad®.

★ Quick text selection tools.
★ Rapid memories.
★ The magic éüç-button for all diacritical marks, accents and “Umlauts”.
★ The Spell-Aid-button finds all unknown and wrong words.
★ Font size pinching.
★ Fast navigation with 10 cursor keys.
★ Upper-/lowercase by keystroke.
★ Typographical quotes and other special chars.
★ Undo/Redo.
★ Best support for all onscreen & Bluetooth keyboards.
★ Wikipedia full-text search and online dictionary – all languages supported.
★ Locked reading mode.

★ Import & export with Dropbox, iCloud® and iTunes® file sharing.
★ Sharing text as attachment, e-mail or Twitter message.
★ Direct communication with Pages®, Evernote and other Apps.
★ AirPrint™ support.
★ iOS 3.2, 4.x, 5.0 and newer.

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