Apps Gone Free Roundup: Gem Keeper, Gardenscapes HD (Premium) and more

If you enjoy Tower Defense games, here’s a freebie that will likely eat up most of your free time this weekend. NCSoft’s highly regarded Gem Keeper is now free for a limited time. Previously at $2.99, this gorgeous TD features 4 distinct themes, 40 levels, 14 unique towers and 20+ “gem-crazed” monsters. Also free today is the Hidden Object game Gardenscapes HD (Premium) by Playrix, the developer behind popular match 3 titles like Call of Atlantis and Fishdom HD. Fans of the genre will get to comb through 15 rooms in search for over 1000 items, as well as customize the garden to their liking with numerous garden accessories. Be sure to check out the complete Apps Gone Free roundup after the gap.

Gem Keeper

Get your fingers ready, ‘cause it’s time to PROTECT THE GEMS!

Gem-crazed monsters are on the loose, and it’s up to you and your legendary skills to blast them away in this unparalleled defense game, Gem Keeper.

+ 4 gorgeously crafted themes (Forest, Ice, Mine, Christmas)
+ 40 individual levels (x3 with Difficulty Levels)
+ 14 unique defense towers
+ 22 different gem-crazed monsters
+ 5 ultimate boss monsters
+ Battle Against Monsters and Friends in Endless Mode

Gem Keeper™ NCsoft, Gem Keeper, – $2.99

Gardenscapes HD (Premium)

Create the perfect garden! Comb the rooms of a gorgeous mansion for hidden items and restore a once stunning garden to its former glory. Choose from tons of garden accessories to customize the garden to your taste. Become part of the city’s community and compete in the “Best Garden” contest. No worries if you are a garden design novice – an amusing and witty butler, Austin, will always be of assistance. Become an outdoor decor pro in this cutting hedge Playrix game!

– Over 1000 cool items to find
– 15 rooms to comb for hidden objects
– Tons of garden accessories to choose from
– Immersive storyline presented in beautiful animation
– Interactive and customizable environment

Gardenscapes HD (Premium) Playrix, Gardenscapes HD (Premium), 98.22MB – Free

Bouncy Bug

Bouncy Bug is a mega juicy bouncy action game from the team that brought you ‘Drop The Chicken’. The game features flexible liquid environments, and awesome trampoline style action like nothing you have played before.

✔ Unique control method – touch walls to bounce and create jello waves.
✔ Loads of tricky levels and cool power ups
✔ Game Center & stacks of achievements
✔ Universal: iPhone & iPad cross compatible
✔ Great for all ages, easy to learn
✔ Very addictive, exciting game play

Bouncy Bug Sharp Creative Agency, Bouncy Bug, – Free

Twist Carnival

Out of all the puzzle games out in the market, this is one puzzle game that you have not seen before. Tap and Twist is all you need to know. Not enough? Play Multiplayer mode and prove to the world that you are the best Twister!

How to Play
– Tap the candy once
– Twist by dragging the candies nearby
– Stop & let go of the finger once the candies are aligned

4 Different Game Modes
– [CLASSIC] : Basic Game Mode
– [SPEED] : What can you do for a limited time?!
– [LIMIT] : You are given only 30 Turns!
– [ENDLESS] : Unlimited Time and Turns

Twist Carnival™ Justnine Co, Twist Carnival, – Free

Monster Mayhem


Get ready for the goriest, bloodiest, hack-and-slash monster attack game you’ve ever seen.
The only game where attack IS the best form of defense!

In the dark of night the monsters are lurking. For too long they have been locked behind the great iron gates of the graveyard. The monsters can’t bare it anymore so they’ve started a revolution! The only thing blocking their invasion is you, The Grave Keeper, who must attempt to stop the monsters from pouring out of the graveyard by any means necessary. Arm yourself with all the weapons you can find and get ready for all out assault on the Mad Monster Horde.

Monster Mayhem Taplay Limited, Monster Mayhem (TMA Review), – Free

Astro Bang

Astro Bang is a very cool 3d game. Astro Bang is one of the best iPhone games.

Fly your spaceship around different planets. Destroy asteroids. Terminate different enemies using guns, bombs and missiles. Collect upgrades, bonuses and tokens.

– awesome 3d graphics
– 18 levels
– 6 different planets
– different enemies and bosses
– campaign and arcade modes

Astro Bang Bootant, Astro Bang, – Free


Ludiz is proud to present Zpulse, an original music game based on timing and strategy.

In Zpulse, you will face colored pieces that will fill your screen unless you tap on them at the right time. Pieces of the same color share the same frequency; synced hits will help you clear them faster! Be careful though, tapping on pieces at the wrong time will make a new piece pop as a penalty.

Zpulse is not all about rhythm! Use your brain to perform combos by tapping on a piece surrounded by others of the same color. Keep your head cool and play your way through the 15 awesome electro songs of the game!

Zpulse Ludiz, Zpulse, – Free

Derby & the Jellybean Adventure

He’s the lean, mean, pink jellybean eatin’ machine! He’s Derby!

Help Derby leap through his jellybean adventure! Fling him from peg to peg, eating as many jellybeans as you can while using precision aiming to travel further on each leap!

The challenges await you… changing pegs, thieving enemies, endless gameplay, and amazing fun! Join in on the Derby adventure now!

Derby & the Jellybean Adventure Plaid & Pin, Derby & the Jellybean Adventure, – Free


Only the bravest survives the complex system of tubes in Steamscope.
Extreme speed rushes make you become more vigilant against the next threat.

It is the combination of dodging at cyberspeed and solving puzzles that leads you to the end of the pipe.
To get further into the higher levels in Steamscope you get support from the Tesla Gun. This lightning-charged tool allows you to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles.
Dive into and cross bizarre landscapes of metal and steam.

Steamscope Digital Frame Studio, Steamscope, – Free


Feeling something missing in all those “Remind Me” apps? Having trouble or getting upset using them? Take a chance to look at Later – our fastest reminder app crafted for busy and lazy people.

We aimed at making the most intuitive and fastest reminder you can ever find! Only three taps away from setting up a reminder and don’t bother wasting time on these noisy date pickers and what-date-is-it gotchas. And you should definitely try to unlock all achievements while accomplishing your daily tasks!

Later Crush Nuts, Later, – Free

My Measures & Dimensions

A must have tool for all real estate agents, engineers, carpenters, architects, auction sellers, construction workers…

All you have to do is take a photo of an object you wish to store dimensions of. Then you add dimensions: arrows, angels and text. Now your measures are stored and you can see and share them anytime anywhere.

✓ store dimensions on a photo
✓ add arrows, angles and text
✓ organize photos/files in folders
✓ easy multiple folder and file sharing
✓ fractions are supported in “inch” unit
✓ export photo with dimension to photo library
✓ send photo with dimensions via email
✓ supported portrait and landscape orientation
✓ backup, restore or migrate entire library
✓ metric and imperial units: meters, centimeters, millimeters, inches, feet and yards and fractions!

My Measures & Dimensions SIS software, My Measures & Dimensions, – Free

INStan Pocket – Toy Digital Camera

INStan Pocket is a toy digital camera that allows you to capture any moment.

Your photo may turn out to be blurred or have odd color and you may need some time to learn to use all the buttons of the app. It also has a shutter sound and the process may take some time.

However, we guarantee you that INStan Pocket allows you to take beautiful pictures with a great atmosphere!

INStan Pocket - Toy Digital Camera MorokoshiMan, INStan Pocket – Toy Digital Camera, – Free


Kinotopic allows you to make still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement action occurs. They are very similar to the moving images in newspapers from a certain wizard themed series of movies.

Some people call them cinemagraphs, we call them kinos.

Impress your friends, acquaintances, and the world by posting your work on Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter.

Kinotopic Placehugger, Inc, Kinotopic, – Free

Singit! Your music, with lyrics!

Singit! allows you to instantly get the lyrics of your favourite songs. Just play some music in your iDevice, and open SingIt!

No more slow searches, get the lyrics whenever you want!

Singit! is the unique app in the appstore that allows you to sing a song every time you want without internet connection required after the first download.

♫ Instant lyrics.
♫ No internet connection required after the first download.
♫ Extralarge lyrics database.
♫ Rate your favourite lyrics and read them whenever you want.
♫ Unlimited song history.

Singit! Your music, with lyrics! Sweetbits, Singit! Your music, with lyrics!, – Free

iMax Battery Boost Pro

iMax Battery Boost Pro is an essential app for all iPhone users!

☼ 100% Automated Professional Battery Management!
☼ Complete Full Cycle Charge support!
☼ Supports High Resolution Retina Display!

iMax Battery Boost Pro Panorama Concepts, iMax Battery Boost Pro, – Free

Voice Calendar

Create iDevice calendar item (extract date & time information from what you say and setup automatically) by your voice:
Call my Dad at 9 pm.
Safari on July 10th.
Go to shopping on Sunday.
Sales meeting after 45 minute.
Visit John on Christmas Day.

Support America, Canada, Australia, British and New Zealand common festival, no more calculating on Easter, just say ‘Party with Friend on Easter.’

In addition, Voice Calendar can do date calculation and speak result:
What date will it be this Friday?
What day of the week is April 6th?
How many days left till December 15th?

Voice Calendar vThinking Studio, Voice Calendar, – Free

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