Blueprint 3D in Review – Now where did I leave that pencil?


Out of all my university courses, my least favourite was probably mechanical drawing. You know, where you have to meticulously prepare a technical image of an object to scale according to all the rules and regulations. I’ve had little problems understanding how it should look like, but doing it neatly – let’s just say that it didn’t always go according to plan. I’ve even had dreams about the sketches, though they were more like nightmares. And funnily enough, those drawings in my dreams looked almost exactly like Blueprint 3D.

Blueprint 3D is an original motion puzzle release from FDG Entertainment, publisher of Beyond Ynth and Cover Orange. The crux of the game is simple – you have to arrange the seemingly chaotic pieces of a blueprint to make a coherent drawing. Yep, just like in my nightmares.


Offering a whopping 270 levels, Blueprint 3D will give your brain a workout as you try to rotate the numerous pieces of the blueprint to create a picture. There is something of a magical feeling when, with a simple swipe of a finger, you’ll see the random mass of lines arrange themselves into a crisp image. And depending on the time it takes you to do so, the game will award you up to 3 stars, though at times getting all 3 seems possible only if lady luck is on your side.


On the easy difficulty Blueprint 3D doesn’t pose that much of a problem; after a decent amount of twirling the cloud of lines, you’ll see them starting to align. And once the image is more or less clear, a hint will appear to notify you it’s time to rotate the drawing upwards. A step up from easy and those hints are gone, but for most players, that shouldn’t be much of an issue. If that’s too easy for you, then bumping up the difficulty level is the way to go. Splitting the cloud into 2 layers, Blueprint 3D will give you a hell of a time trying to align both. So unless you’ve got the patience of a Tibetan monk, I’d advise to sticking to the easier levels.


Visually Blueprint 3D is crisp and works very well for what it’s trying to accomplish. Even on the small screen of the iPhone, I had flashbacks of the good ol’ university days. This is further augmented by eight distinct themes the levels are spread across, each with its own relaxing soundtrack. The controls are very intuitive, though on the highest difficulty level, the task of revealing the final blueprint even after the endless turns and rotations can seem impossible.


Strangely enough, of all the games I’ve played on the iDevice, Blueprint 3D reminded me most of Zen Bound 2 (TMA Review), probably because of the rotation-based gameplay. There is not that much of the game in it as such, but the process of twirling around a chaotic cloud of lines is akin to meditation. And when all of them suddenly come together to create a fully rendered object, it certainly gives a burst of satisfaction no worse than killing a very tough boss does in an action/RPG. For the measely sum of $0.99 for the iPhone version (Blueprint 3D HD for the iPad goes for $2.99) I’d say – go for it!

With this I declare Blueprint 3D officially touched!

Grab It Rating - 4/5

App Summary
Title: Blueprint 3D Developer: FDG Entertainment
Reviewed Ver: 1.1 Min OS Req: 3.1
Price: $0.99 App Size: 165.84MB
  • Original gameplay
  • Difficulty levels for all player categories
  • Lots of levels
  • Very satisfying
  • A bit too difficult on max level
  • Too hard to get the 3 star rating


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