iOS App HUDY Pro Receives Rave Reviews

Seoul, Korea – BroadCON HC, Inc’s Hudy Pro is rapidly gaining popularity and repute from users around the world. Combining a sleek HUD – or “Head’s Up Display” – and streamlined accessibility, now any iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad user can use this app to turn their ordinary windshield into a display generally reserved for luxury top-of-the-line vehicles. Speed, direction, even the weather conditions around it are literally found at the user’s fingertip.

Available at no charge to the user, Hudy Pro uses ground-breaking technology – as well as the iPhone’s built-in GPS capacities – to project an easy-to-read speedometer directly from the device. Once the device is placed on the vehicle’s dashboard – either horizontally or vertically – the HUD display is then projected onto the windshield. One user says “I didn’t expect how clear the display would be on my windshield. The orange backlight and bold numbers really made it easy to see.” Another user says “My car already has the time and direction, but it’s small and I need to glance away from the road to see it. It’s so helpful, and much safer, to have all of that information and more so easy to read right in front of you.”

BroadCon HC offers several other features for purchase to enhance the driving experience and raise user awareness of their vehicles’ performance. Zero-100 allows the user to set a “goal” speed, and then measures the time it takes for the vehicle to accelerate from a stopped position to that speed. Eco-Drive measures – and then saves – acceleration rates over a period of time. One user says “I tracked and saved my accelerations within Hudy Pro for 5 days using Eco-Drive and was really able to see a pattern. I’m saving a few gallons of gas a week.”

Hudy Pro is now available at the iTunes App Store, free of charge. With more than 400,000 downloads and rave reviews from its users, this application’s popularity will only continue to grow. Hudy Pro is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad using iOS 4.2 or later.

Top Features:
* HUDY Pro Dashboard uses your iPhone, iPod, or iPad’s backlit display to reflect speed, direction, and time on your vehicle’s windshield
* Weather conditions may also be displayed; this feature is conveniently optional as it requires data usage.
* The free default display color combination (bright orange against a dark background) provides optimum visibility for the driver.
* Additional standard colors are available through in app purchase
* One-touch Dashboard accessibility means it’s never a hassle to set up HUDY Pro before you hit the road

Additional Options:
* Zero-100, a feature set available for purchase within the app, allows drivers to time the number of seconds it takes their vehicle to accelerate from a standing stop to a designated speed

* ECO Drive is another expansion available for purchase, which tracks the driver’s sudden increases in speed daily, providing the past day and past ten day’s data. This information can play an important role in improving gas mileage through better driving habits.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 4.2 or later
* 10.1 MB

Pricing and Availability:
HUDY Pro 1.02 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.

Hudy Pro 1.02
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