Apps Gone Free Roundup: Death Rally, Rock Prodigy: Guitar and more

Remedy Entertainment’s highly popular Death Rally, a gorgeous looking action/racing game for iOS, is now for a limited time. ChiffaN reviewed this remake of the 90’s hit a while back and gave it a Kiss It rating:

Regardless of the minor flaws, Death Rally is a unique and addictive blend of racing and shooting action that will hold your attention for quite some time. The experience offered is currently unmatched on the App Store and if you’re hungry for some high-speed destruction, Death Rally is definitely the choice for you. And did I mention that it’s universal?

Also free (for the entire week) is Rock Prodigy: Guitar, a Guitar Hero like app that makes learning the guitar fun and stress-free. The app is able to “listen” to your picking/strumming and the lessons will automatically pause if you’re playing the wrong notes and chords [Intro video]. Check out the rest of the recent freebies after the break.

Death Rally

Brought to you by REMEDY, renowned developer of MAX PAYNE and ALAN WAKE! LOAD YOUR GUNS, START YOUR ENGINES… IT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY, LITERALLY! This is no Sunday Drive. This is DEATH RALLY.

✓ Massive single player career mode, unlock and upgrade cars, weapons and challenges
✓ Enormous online multiplayer campaign ROAD WARS! Friends play, battle modifiers, unique paint jobs, and a whole lot more!
✓ Awesome controls with 2 camera angle options
✓ Featuring guest drivers – DUKE NUKEM, BARRY WHEELER, JOHN GORE
✓ Leaderboards and achievements via Game Center
✓ Runs silky smooth 60fps on iPad 2 and iPhone 4S with full screen anti-alias

Death Rally Remedy Entertainment, Death Rally (TMA Review), – Free

Rock Prodigy: Guitar

Rock Prodigy® is your mobile instructor that works with any real guitar.
Use it to learn guitar and songs faster than ever. Follow the Rock Prodigy lesson plan to take you from beginner to pro.
Rock Prodigy listens to your guitar, shows you what to play, and gives you points for hitting the right notes:
• Use any real guitar
• Learn real skills
• Learn single notes and chords
• Learn advanced techniques such as bends, slides, and alternate tunings

Here’s why it works and why Rock Prodigy is unique:
• HEAR the original master tracks from famous artists
• SEE how to produce the sound the you are hearing
• LEARN in real-time with instantaneous results

Rock Prodigy: Guitar The Way of H, Inc., Rock Prodigy: Guitar, – Free

Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia

Fully HD for iPhone AND iPad: “Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia” is by far the biggest and most detailed game of its class on iOS!

Vardonia is a land in turmoil. Two rival kingdoms are at war, Arkan and Abylon. Wherever you allegiance may lie, all is not as it seems, as various plots unfold, revealing hidden agendas, and old, untameable gods and vicious monsters start to run amok.

A grand tale of intrigue, betrayal and redemption; discovery, sacrifice and glory, interlaced with fierce battles and challenging quests. Can YOU save the land of Vardonia?

Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia Minoraxis, Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia, – Free

My Paper Plane 3

Grab stars and rack up massive combos as you guide your paper plane through exciting 3D environments.

Celebrate holidays with 50% off regular price! Limited time offer, gift this app to your friends and family!

Take to the sky with retina display graphics, original music and easy, ultra accurate tilt controls. Breeze through the game on easier levels or attempt to earn your place among the best on the harder ones with online achievements and leaderboards.

My Paper Plane 3 Wavecade, My Paper Plane 3, – Free

Shake Spears! HD

Shake Spears is a game of GLORY, HONOR, and FAME! Become a valiant knight and enter tournaments to compete for the heart of a beautiful lady. Travel through FOUR worlds of wonder, win battles in 20 cities, and beat challenging bosses in this epic game. It’s time to become a HERO for the ages!

Take out opponents with well-aimed strikes in knightly competitions of strategy and precision! Only a steady hand and a trusty steed can guarantee your victory! Upgrade your skills, armor, and weapons, and remember to use a dash of magic to overtake your enemies. Will you answer the call of destiny and become the most honored knight in the land? THEN SHAKE YOUR SPEAR!

Shake Spears! HD Alawar Entertainment, Shake Spears! HD, – Free

Escape Game “Prank House”

While driving home, the main character got lost in the forest near a lake. When he got out of the car to calm himself down, he noticed a house in the distance. He went inside to ask the inhabitants for help, but there was no one home. He moved to leave, but the door was locked. What are the residents up to!?

Your mission is only to escape from the room by opening the door. However, to do this, you’ll need to gather some items and use those items in solving puzzles.
The rules are very simple. You can tap various locations, and you can also flick when you need to move about the room.

Escape Game "Prank House" IDAC CO., Escape Game “Prank House”, – Free

A Monster Ate My Homework

Monsters have stolen your homework and now it’s payback time! With 105 levels of Monster-thumping carnage, it’s your job to not only get your homework back but also give those sneaky pests a good hiding. Swipe, throw and knock the stuffing out of them but be warned, they won’t make it easy for you.

This awesome 3D physics puzzle shooter is as bonkers as it sounds.
– 105 unique levels designed to test even the brightest player.
– Full 3D environment allowing you to rotate around the monster nest and destroy them from all angles.
– Play in portrait or landscape

A Monster Ate My Homework Geek Beach, A Monster Ate My Homework, – Free

Troll Blaster 

Can you stop the evil Trolls from taking over the world? Troll Blaster is a projectile destruction physics game in which you have to destroy structures holding the evil Trolls. Launch projectiles with your weapons and crush the structures. To progress to the next level, you have to destroy all the trolls in each level.

Each level is a new puzzle challenge in which you need to figure out what combination of weapons to use and in what order. Select strategically from one of the weapons available. Each weapon has a different effect on the different structure elements which you will have to figure out!

Troll Blaster - Physics Strategy and Puzzle Game eMobiSoft Inc., Troll Blaster – Physics Strategy and Puzzle Game, – Free

Great Little War Game HD (Universal)

GLWG is the hit 3D turn-based strategy game that everyone’s talking about. With a unique comical style and plenty of laughs and excitement, you’ll keep coming back again and again for “just one more go.”

Core Features:
❋ Campaign mode
❋ Multiplayer mode
❋ Skirmish mode
❋ GameCenter achievements
❋ Four difficulty settings
❋ Lush visuals, esp. on iPad 2
❋ Full 3D terrain affects gameplay

Great Little War Game HD Rubicon, Great Little War Game HD, – Free

Doodle Fish!

it’s a big ocean out there, and competition is stiff. eat or be eaten as you swim through through the deep sea’s most beautiful natural environments.

don’t forget to collect power-ups and magical items!

✓ delightful doodle art style
✓ 80 exciting stages
✓ 5 breathtaking ocean environments
✓ 17 species of beautiful deep sea fish
✓ lots of magical power-ups

Doodle Fish! Triniti Interactive Limited, Doodle Fish!, – Free

Flick Soccer!

Get your Football fix with the most addictive arcade freekick game. This season there will be a new champion walking away with the title!

• Full Fat Flick Controls mean everyone can play!
• Shoot for insane scores in Quickshot mode, it’s you vs the keeper.
• Take it to the limit in Endurance mode, set piece action with bonus items!
• Try out Challenge mode for the ultimate skill contest.
• Have you got the accuracy to hit the bar? Find out in Crossbar mode.
• Smash It! breaking glass panels against the clock.
• Unbelievably accurate flick controls for stunning top-corner shots.

Flick Soccer! Full Fat, Flick Soccer!, – Free
Flick Soccer! HD Full Fat, Flick Soccer! HD, – Free

Cartoon Defense

Cartoon Defense is an exciting defense-action game with various actions and strategies. Cartoon Defense requires your invisible finger and your decision making ability. Protect your kingdom from the violent and evil Cartoon Army!

How to play the game:
It’s a game with well known rules:”Shoot ’em all to win”. Select your weapon among the icons at the bottom, attack your enemy. You should the right weapon at the right time to defend you from the enemy’s attack. You will do better with a good use of the bombs.

With the money you earn when you defeat your enemy, you can buy your armors and repair your castle. You should get enough ammo to be ready to fight with your enemy.

Cartoon Defense Kyunghun Kang, Cartoon Defense, – Free

Musical Puzzle HD

Musical Puzzle HD is perfect mobile resource for music lovers and parents eager to show their children the importance of learning musical structure! The app turns the conventional idea of jigsaw puzzles on in its head and transforms listening to music into a dynamic puzzle inspired educational experience. In this app the music IS the game piece!

Users are presented with classic musical passages that have been turned audio-based jigsaw puzzles. The challenge is simple: Piece together seconds-long musical fragments into coherent pieces that please the ears and mark victory! It’s a straight forward game that’s deviously difficult and exhilarating to play, requiring musical prowess, a keen ear for notes, and quick witted jigsaw decision making.

Musical Puzzle HD khayznikov, Musical Puzzle HD, – Free

Gem Hunt Deluxe

Gem Hunt Deluxe is a fun, fast-paced color match game. Flick the sparkling gems around and make the perfect combo to beat the hiscore.
The Brilliant game mode allows you to make combos and win more time to score while in the classic mode you have to score as much as you can within 60 seconds. Are you up for the challenge?

Gem Hunt Deluxe 2DRockers, Gem Hunt Deluxe, – Free


Protaskinote’s smooth writing feature will make you feel just like you are writing with a real pen.

Have a sudden thought, todo or idea? Create a note, scribble it down and start mapping it out.

Type some of your tasks instead and take advantage of the ability to sync your tasks online for free with Toodledo (free web app).

With subtasks.

Handwriting your tasks/todos (+ notes) gives them that “Personal” touch you just don’t get when typing something out; and with just the press of a button, you can then automatically export them to PDF and email them to whomever you choose.

Protaskinote KEROFROG PTY LTD, Protaskinote, – Free

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