All-in YOGA HD now only $0.99

All-in YOGA HD, a fantastic yoga app and also one of my favorite apps on the iPad, has just dropped from $4.99 to $0.99 for the next 2 days. The app lets users of all levels choose from over 40 ready-made yoga programs with different goals in mind, from health, stretching, breathing to strengthening various parts of the body. After being convinced of getting into yoga by my chiropractor, All-in YOGA basically saved me from the constant and nagging back pains, as I was able to follow along and stretch and strengthen my body without having to take classes. And being a complete yoga newbie, the videos (and voice prompts) that accompany the lessons were most useful and even neccessary. Simply put, if you’re looking for a quality Yoga app (or are thinking about getting into Yoga), All-in YOGA HD for the iPad is a steal at $0.99. iPhone users can pick up All-in YOGA: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes, which recently went on sale for a buck. Take a look at the video trailer below – it’ll will you a tour of what to expect from the app.

All-in YOGA HD: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes ARAWELLA, All-in YOGA HD: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes, – $0.99


SPECIAL PRICE 2 DAYS ONLY! Was 4,99 now 0,99! Hurry up and get it!
FANTASTIC UPDATE: HD-quality content, new poses, videos and programs. New training mode options, multiple user profiles. Download the update now!

Rated one of the top 8 Fitness Apps by Health Magazine

“It is a fantastic app, and one that shows the potential of the iPad as a teaching/learning device,” –

✭✭✭ Over 300 poses with photo, video & audio guides in HD-quality + 3D musсle models for EVERY pose
✭✭✭ Pranayama: over 30 breathing exercises with detailed how-to’s
✭✭✭ Over 40 ready yoga programs and ability to create your own
✭✭✭ Creation and selection of programs according to your parameters
✭✭✭ Live Support: FREE right in the app

- over 300 poses with photo, video & audio guides
- 3D muscle models for every pose

- Over 30 breathing exercises for each level
- 4 breathing programs for relaxation and meditation

- for all levels: beginners, pros and gurus
- for all goals: health, body shape, stretching, breathing, destress etc

- quick and simple creation of programs: set the order and duration of poses
- edit the ready-made programs of the app

- detailed audio guide, photos, timer of pose duration

- 20 yoga programs for health
- our professional yoga teachers will create an individual program just for you
- 10 music tracks for working out and 10 relaxation tracks
- ability to add own poses to the database
- ability to send own poses and programs to your friends’ devices

- multiple profiles: a user’s data and programs are stored in their personal profile
- download the yoga content separately and upload it to the app through iTunes on your Mac
- relaxation at the end of each program: choose one of 3 tracks and set the duration
- sound timer for transition from one pose to another
- 6 tracks for working out and the ability to add a track from your iPod list
- share your yoga successes with your friends on Twitter and Facebook
- workout history in a colorful calendar with yoga-related quotes

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