Dimensions. Adventures in the Multiverse in Review – Ambient noise app meets foursquare and Farmville


As we all know – life can be stressful. And one way to make it a little bit more bearable is using an ambient sounds app to block out the annoying noises of everyday fuss. Whether in the office or outside they allow to, at least temporarily, shift your mind to someplace peaceful. Not content with only providing a listening experience, the developers behind Inception – The App released Dimensions. Adventures in the Multiverse, a unique app that adds some original gameplay elements to make it even more part of your routine.

It’s hard to classify Dimensions, proving once again the iOS is the perfect platform for innovation. Think of it as a hearing aid for other dimensions. But all of this is wrapped around a platform that Farmville itself would not be shy of.


First and foremost Dimensions is an ambient/meditation sound producing app. However, unlike other similar releases, it does not have a pre-defined set of tracks for you to enjoy. Instead it utilizes the iPhone’s microphone and transforms surrounding noise to create a unique experience in realtime. The result is influenced not only by the source noise but the dimension within the app you are currently occupying.


These dimensions are unlocked by performing specific actions – i.e. Tranquility, featuring music that’s more relaxing, is unlocked by being in a quiet place, while the more energetic Kinetic requires the iPhone to be in motion. Some dimensions even allow you to communicate with other players by creating a virtual space where you can send short voice messages. Once a dimension is unlocked you can visit it anytime without the hassle of matching the predefined conditions. Not all dimensions are available right from the start, thus requiring you to first open up a set in order to reach a new level.

But this is only the start. To make the experience more interesting (and to stimulate people spending more cash of course) the devs added a freemium minigame component. Every so often while listening to the mysterious sounds Dimensions produces, the game will say that something strange is going on. If you check the game at this point and hold the hotspot in the center you will get a map of your surroundings (powered by Google Maps of course), bathed in an eerie light with strange items scattered across the landscape. They might include Quantum (the game’s currency), artifacts and/or Nephilim.


Quantum can be gathered by simply catching it in your beam of light while Artifacts will require a tractor beam to reel them in (which incidentally takes Quantum as fuel ). The Nephilim are the bad guys and you’ll have to use the same beam to repel them, otherwise they’ll steal the artifacts you found. To unlock the next level of dimensions you need to gather all artifacts in the already open ones. The artifacts can also be bought using Quantum. You guessed where this is leading to, right? Yep, in addition to be found in-game Quantum can also be bought using real-live cash.

The visuals in Dimensions are minimalistic but stylish. I especially liked the eerie way the map looked in the artifact-hunting minigame. I couldn’t help but think, however, the devs missed an opportunity to further integrate Augmented Reality elements using the iPhone’s camera. Hunting for quantum, artifacts and beating the Nephilim would’ve been ever so much fun if it was overlaid on top of a live feed put through some additional filters to make the video look more like from another dimension.


Of course it would’ve been great to have the iPhone be a window to another dimension, fully embracing the augmented reality capabilities of the platform. But even limited to audio only, Dimensions provides a unique experience heralding the next step in ambient sound apps. The added game elements unfortunately suffer from a somewhat unbalanced freemium model pushing quite a bit to use real cash if you want to have access to all “tracks” in a reasonable timeframe. At $0.99 though it’s definitely worth a try, especially if you want a taste of what the future holds.

With this I declare Dimensions. Adventures in the Multiverse officially touched!

Tap It Rating - 3/5

App Summary
Title: Dimensions. Adventures in the Multiverse Developer: Reality Jockey Ltd.
Reviewed Ver: 1.5 Min OS Req: 4.2
Price: $0.99 App Size: 140.49MB
  • Experience unique to here and now
  • Original way of unlocking individual dimensions
  • Addictive minigame
  • A bit overused freemium element
  • Frustrating to unlock higher levels of dimensions
  • No augmented video


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