Fit Freeway lets you race with your face as you exercise

Since Fuego’s River Adventure became the first hands-free game to be release for the iPad 2 a few months back, a number of motion controlled games have made their way into the App Store. One of the latest is BitGym’s Fit Freeway, a racing game that’s designed to be played while you’re working out on an exercise bike or elliptical.

BitGym’s unique motion capture technology lets you play while you exercise. It reads your exercise speed by using your device’s accelerometer to read the vibrations in the exercise bike or elliptical. These vibrations are analyzed and converted into your exercise cadence. It reads your head position by using the front facing camera to do advanced head tracking – the closest you’ll get to Kinect on a mobile platform!

Fit Freeway offers 3 modes of play, 8 stages to race through and support for your iPod music. A free Lite version is also available, where you can try out 2 stages and 1 gameplay mode. So long as you’re not worried about what the hotties at the gym may think of your new iPad-fueled workout routine, Fit Freeway could help add some fun to your cardio sessions.

Note: Fit Freeway’s only compatible with iDevices that have a front facing camera, like the iPhone 4/4S, iPod Touch 4th gen and iPad 2 (iOS 4.3 or higher required).

Fit Freeway Active Theory, Fit Freeway, – $2.99

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