Cut the Rope can now be played on your web browser (for free) as an HTML 5 port

Cut the Rope (TMA Review), one of the most popular and addictive physics puzzle game on the iPhone and iPad, has made its way to a web browser as a HTML 5 port thanks to a partnership between Microsoft and ZeptoLabs.

Cut the Rope is an immediate favorite for anyone who plays it. It’s as fun as it is adorable. So we had an idea: let’s make this great game available to an even bigger audience by offering it on the web using the power of HTML5.

To do this, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team partnered with ZeptoLab (the creators of the game) and the specialists at Pixel Lab to bring Cut the Rope to life in a browser. The end result is an authentic translation of the game for the web, showcasing some of the best that HTML5 has to offer: canvas-rendered graphics, browser-based audio and video, CSS3 styling and the personality of WOFF fonts.

There are currently 27 levels available and the game can be played on most modern browsers that support HTML 5, including Chrome, Firefox and Safari. To play Cut The Rope for free online, head over to and enjoy more On Nom while your boss isn’t watching. A “Behind the Scenes” video of how this HTML port came about can be found after the break.

[Cut the Rope Dev page]

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