Great Storybook Apps beyond Disney, Dora and Dr. Seuss

Sydney, Australia – With the tens of thousands of storybook apps in the App Store, it’s no wonder the Top 50 list is usually filled with familiar favorites like Disney, Dora and Dr. Seuss. But some of the most innovative and unique storybook apps are being created by independent developers, and parents can find these gems in Digital Storytime’s “Top 10” lists.

“We created ‘Top 10’ lists to help parents and teachers find the best storybook apps based on their different needs,” says Carisa Kluver of Digital Storytime. Whether parents are looking for the most unique, the best stories for bedtime, the most original, or most interactive, we’ve put together our lists after reviewing over 400 of the top storybook apps available in the App Store.”

“Storybook apps have opened up a whole new world for my son, who is a reluctant reader,” said Karen Robertson, mother of two and author who turned her children’s book into an app. “When my son picked up the iPad for the first time and chose storybook apps over games, I knew digital books were something special.”

“Story Book apps incorporate the senses of sight, sound and touch with reading which brings stories to life in a whole new way,” adds Carisa.

“For example, the award winning book app, ‘Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island’ uses touch in a unique way to drive the story forward, having kids tap treasure chests to reveal adventure stories as they try to discover which chest hides the gold. It’s a twist on the choose-your-adventure stories I used to love as a child, and with over 13,000 paths to the treasure, it has a fun game feel as well.”

“‘A Fine Musician’ uses sound in an enchanting way. Kids are showered with onomatopoeic words and the sounds of musical instruments as they journey through the city with a musician who’s creating a one-man band.”

“‘And The Strange & Wonderful World of Ants,’ is a truly phenomenal example of an educational book app. It’s a beautiful and quirky science app for kids that uses visual interactivity I haven’t seen in a book before. And it offers a unique adjustable reading, level making it appealing to wide range of children,” she adds.

Some of our most popular “Top 10 Lists” include:

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With most kids off school for the holidays, now is the perfect time keep kids reading in a fun and engaging way.

Digital Storytime’s Top 10 Lists
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