Blobster Christmas in Review – More Of The Same, But Still Fun

Blobster Christmas is the story of a boy and his blob… oh wait, that’s a different game.  Blobster Christmas is the tale of a gelatinous mass that overruns a city… no, that’s a cheesy old movie that was remade into a worse movie in the 80’s.  Actually, Blobster Christmas is the seasonal version of a cool little platform game from Chillingo that I reviewed some time ago (for a different site, but we won’t tell).  You can check out that review here, and you probably should because it sums up this new game quite well.

The plot has changed to fit the Yule tide lore, of course.  Now it seems that Blobzilla is jealous of all the Christmas cheer and has stolen everyone’s presents.  You must once again help Blobster help the people of Blobtopia, but this time your job is to recover all the missing gifts and make Christmas a joyous time once again.  That aside, if you love Blobster like I love Blobster you’ll feel right at home with this game.

The levels are filled with platform puzzle goodness.  Certain elements have been replaced, like presents instead of blobules and giant snowflakes instead of gears.  It also seems like there is more use of items like platforms that disappear, tilt like a see-saw under your weight, or swing from ropes.  In addition to plain balls that help you solve puzzles this version also has snowballs (go figure).  I’m also finding this Christmas outing to be a bit more challenging which is good or bad, depending on your view of difficulty.  Finally, it doesn’t seem quite as power up friendly – the only two I’ve run across so far are the shield and inner-tube, and the latter is only because it’s necessarily to pass certain parts of the level.

The controls are basically the same as the original: tilt the device or touch the sides of the screen to move, and pull back and release to launch Blobster.  The game only has 20 levels, but there is a race mode which challenges you to see how far you can get in 60 seconds and a survival mode which lets you test how long you can go before being defeated by the evil blobs.  Some might argue that it feels more like an expansion set, which I can understand, but with the additional game modes I think it’s fully worth the extra dollar owners of the original will pay for it.

The world of Blobtopia is as vibrant as ever.  The seasonal theme affords nice little details like gingerbread men, falling snow and the little Santa cap that rests on Blobster’s head.  Speaking of which, Blobster is still quite animated, and when he picks up a key it almost looks like he has a mouth.  The sound effects are nicely done, especially when it comes to Blobster.  I love the music, because it’s Christmas-y without actually being a twisted, rocked-up version of a classic holiday song.  Not that I have anything against such music, but it’s nice to hear something that’s original and just sounds like a Christmas song.

The small number of levels might turn off some players, but the additional two game modes do a good job of compensating.  Overall this return to Blobtopia is a fun one, especially if you like Christmas themed games.  Just don’t forget to stomp all the evil blobs with good cheer!

Grab It Rating - 4/5

App Summary
Title: Blobster Christmas Developer: Chillingo Ltd
Reviewed Ver: Min OS Req: 3.1
Price: $0.99 App Size:
  • Same great game play as the original
  • Additional game modes are nice
  • Visuals are colorful and Blobster is well animated
  • Music is not just a rehashed holiday classic
  • Small number of levels for main game


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