DIY mod makes your iPhone 4 Apple logo glow

Recently, we saw iFixit’s Transparent Rear Panel replacement give your iPhone 4S a bare-it-all look. While the hack was simple enough to do, I’d imagine not too many casual owners would want to stare at the honking battery all day. But what if a somewhat similar DIY kit uses the same glass back of your iPhone 4/4S AND gives the Apple logo a nice healthy glow? Sold by K.O Gadgets, this hack takes 5 minutes to complete and involves removing several screws, replacing the back cover, and adding in the “light panel”. The kit sells for $42 and comes in both black and white, though only for a very limited time (57 hours left as of writing). There’s even an option to choose the standard Apple logo or the Steve Jobs Tribute logo designed by Jonathan Mak. Check out the demo video below and see how this nifty mod is installed.

[via TechCrunch]

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