Bullion Investor App v1.0 – Imminent New iPad App Release

London, United Kingdom – Digital Venture Projects Ltd is happy to announce that development of the initial release of Bullion Investor App has now completed! This unique premium iOS iPad app has been submitted to Apple for formal review and is expected to be released within the next week! A SECRET SALE will happen during the first week of the launch when the app will be FREE – only those signed up to the mailing list will get notified of exactly when!

Secret Sale:
For a limited time, to celebrate the launch of the initial release of Bullion Investor App for iPad, the price of the app will drop to FREE for a whole day! Only those who have signed up to the mailing list will get notified of the exact time the app will be on sale (24 hours only)! To signup, simply go to the Bullion Investor App website or visit the Facebook page (like the page) and enter your email address!

Initial Release v1.0:
This week, after 6 months of development, Bullion Investor App for iPad has proudly been submitted to Apple for review. Expectations of the functionality of the initial release have far been exceeded! A solid platform is now in place to build future enhancements and improvements.

Initial Release Functionality:
The ONLY iOS app to actively track your gold, silver and platinum investments, through automatic valuations of your bullion portfolio of coins, bars, paper and other digital assets via accurate real market pricing. Users will have the ability to add, edit, delete and sell bullion assets in their virtual portfolio. The app will not support actual purchases of these investments themselves, but will allow investors to capture this information quickly, allowing their portfolio to be easily tracked. Features delivered in the initial release include:

* Automatic investment valuation based on real market “over the counter” metal pricing
* Investment summary portfolio breakdown overview
* Virtual bullion portfolio with over 500 popular coins, bars and other investments
* Professional charts and graphs with a number of reports
* Incorporation of TAX / GST
* Incorporation of buying and selling premiums
* Detailed graphs for performance tracking
* Historic daily currency data from 1980
* Historic daily gold and silver pricing from 1968 (platinum only from 1990)
* Multiple currency compatibility (see International below)
* Access code protected

Tracking of all of the following investments types from a single app is now possible, and has never been easier:
* Bullion Coins
* Bullion Bars
* Numismatic Coins
* Custom Investments (unique user-derived)
* Other pool accounts and precious metal digital currencies

Bullion Investor App is currently only available in English, but does support the following currencies: AUD; CAD; CHF; CNY; DKK; EUR; GBP; HKD; INR; JPY; NOK; KRW; LKR; MYR; MXN; NZD; SEK; SGD; THB; TWD; USD; ZAR.

Why Do I Need This App?
Unlike regular investment software heavily focused on stocks and shares only, Bullion Investor App will enable precious metals investors to view their investment information for all their precious metal assets in a single place. The app has been designed to help users feel more in touch with their bullion investments, as most physical assets are stored elsewhere for security purposes. In general, bullion investment valuations are difficult to calculate due to their physical nature as well as a result of needing to factor in buying and selling premiums. As seen with the recent significant fluctuations of the market gold and silver price, serious as well as novice bullion investors alike need a clear and up-to-date understanding of the current value of each of their precious metal investments. Bullion Investor App will focus on delivering a real reflection of the value of their assets, based on latest market information available.

Designed to be informative, yet easy to use, the Bullion Investor App interface will allow users to intuitively add investments to their virtual app portfolio. Easy to populate, with little further effort to maintain, Bullion Investor App will be a wealth of information to the bullion investor, even if just tracking the value of a single coin. Simply find your investment in the extensive database of over 500 international popular bullion investments and just add your purchase details – the app will do the rest!

Bullion Investor App will capitalise on the iPad form-factor as well as processing ability to delivery visually appealing informative graphs. Although specifically designed for the iPad, the next iteration will focus on a more streamlined version for the iPhone/iPod, followed by a comprehensive enhanced version for the Mac. Sync functionality will also be included.

Planned Future Upgrades:
* iPhone / iPod touch / Mac version (with sync capability)
* Bullion investor library for new investors
* Bullion portfolio analysis and calculators
* Price alerts and notifications
* Selected Precious Metal-backed shares (ETF’s / ETC’s)

Device Requirements:
* iPad or iPad 2
* iOS 4.0 or higher

Pricing and Availability:
Bullion Investor App for iPad will be available for $4.99 USD (2.99 GBP), and will be available worldwide exclusively through the Apple App Store, primarily located in the Finance category.

Bullion Investor App v1.0
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Digital Venture Projects Ltd is a start-up Internet and software company situated in London, United Kingdom. It is passionate about converting ideas into business models that add value to society. Copyright (C) 2011 Digital Venture Projects Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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