Dungeon Hunter 3 set to release on Dec 21st (for free)

Gameloft has just posted the trailer for the upcoming Dungeon Hunter 3, which will be released on Dec 21st. The Dungeon Hunter series on iOS has been among the most popular dual stick action games on the App Store, and they’re certainly one of my favorites in the genre. TMA reviewed both games previously (DH 1 and DH 2) and seeing how they received Kiss and Grab it ratings, the bar’s been set quite high for the third installment. One more thing to note is that Dungeon Hunter 3 will be free to download, so it appears that Gameloft has taken the freemium route with this one as well, much like the recently released Six-Guns.

  • Yay I have to spend $100 in order to get the best weapon and maybe 
    decent armor.I hate freemium games, they always cost an arm and a leg. 
    They also take away game replay value by allowing those with money to 
    blow get the best gear without having to quest for it like a real game. 
    When this goes mmo and u have to fight another player those without deep
    pockets will get sick of the game quickly.
    I have yet to see a freemium model that costs less then a console 
    quality game for decent gear and on top of that the gameplay and quality
    is nowhere near pc and consoles and handhelds like the psp or ds.

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