New Trashers Game: Good, Clean Fun Even When Fighting Trash Monsters

Los Angeles, California – RGH Games, a division of RGH Entertainment, announces today the release of Trashers, its latest game for iPhone and iPad that invites kids of all ages to hop on board the garbage truck to clean the streets and fight trash monsters. The announcement was made by David Corbett, Executive Director – North America & Europe, RGH Entertainment.

Created, developed and produced under the leadership of award-winning gaming industry veteran John Zuur Platten, Director of Digital Media, Trashers launches two months after the introduction of the critically acclaimed Dragon Eggs game, the first mobile app created by RGH Games.

“We are excited to launch our second game Trashers which continues our tradition of combining fun and engaging gameplay with lovable characters and an interesting storyline,” said John Zuur Platten.

In Trashers, players join garbage men Gus and Nico, as well as their feathered friend Skiff, to collect all the trash and defeat Doctor O and her minions. The evil doctor wants to overrun every city and town with stinky, filthy garbage, challenging players to stop her before it is too late.

As they drive through the mall, city, airport, and more, players are guided by Skiff the seagull as they quickly collect trash cans and clean the streets. Encountering a trash monster like Sludger or Junkster starts a battle where the monster throws bags of garbage and players use trash-based weapons to defeat them. Completing all 9 levels in the Surburbia, Urbanon, and Filth Fortress worlds means the player can enter Doctor O’s Lair for one final battle.

Trashers introduces lovable and funny characters and weaves a compelling story. Accompanied by Skiff, Gus and Nico are garbage men for City Haul who invite players to join them on an icky, gooey adventure cleaning the streets and fighting trash monsters.

The new game also emphasizes an eco-friendly theme. Along the way, players build up strength by removing trash from the dirty streets. They can also earn valuable bonuses by playing a mini-game quickly sorting trash from recycling.

Trashers is available for free with access to the 3 levels in the Surburbia world. Players can continue their journey by upgrading inside the app to play all 9 levels including Surburbia, Urbanon, and Filth Fortress.

Features of the Trashers game include:
* Good, clean fun – Players fight the filth by racing to collect as much trash as they can
* Explore different worlds – Drive the garbage truck through 3 dirty worlds and 9 levels
* Fight trash monsters – Defeat Doctor O and her evil minions who want to trash the town
* Earn trophies – Complete each level within the time goals to earn trophies and show off wins on Game Center

Device requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 4.0 or later
* 65.8 MB

Pricing and availability:
Trashers is currently available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category for free.

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