Apps Gone Free: I Am T-Pain, ILLUSIA, Ninja Pong and more

Ready for more freebies? Here are today’s featured 3 Apps Gone Free:

I Am T-Pain 2.0 I Am T-Pain 2.0 – From Smule, the makers of Magic Piano and MadPad, lets you sound like the maestro himself as you sing into the mic. The app includes 9 free tracks with scrolling lyrics for you to sing-along, and additional songs can be purchased fro $0.99 a pop. After you’ve created that masterpiece, you can share it with the rest of the world via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Check out our review of I Am T-Pain here.

ILLUSIA ILLUSIA (TMA Review) – Another RPG from Gamevil (Zenonia and HYBRID: Eternal Whisper), Illusia is billed as a platform action RPG presented in anime style graphics. Play as a fighter or mage and rely on various active, passive and buff skills. Like many iOS games nowadays, you can also purchase potions and various items via IAPs.

Ninja Pong Ninja Pong – A simple yet addictive casual game that brings together the gameplay of ‘pong’ and deadly ninjas. Similar to breakout style games, you must slide a hovering paddle left/right to ensure that the ninjas make their way across from one platform to another safely. 2 game modes, retina graphics and unlockable content are some of the features of Ninja Pong. The HD version for the iPad is also free for a limited time.

There are more that have recently gone free for your iDevice, check them out below!

 I Am T-Pain 2.0

It’s a fact: everyone sounds better with the T-Pain effect. Transform your voice and get your T-Pain on with scrolling lyrics and original beats from the hottest producers. Sing the songs included in the app or give your voice the T-Pain effect while singing along to any track in your iTunes library.

Featuring the all-new T-Pain Effect technology used by T-Pain on his upcoming album.

Sing into the mic on your iPhone and I Am T-Pain will record your voice and give you the T-Pain effect. Then, with a single button, share your song over email, Facebook, or Twitter.

• Receive 9 tracks free with the app

• Look out for brand spankin’ new beats from the hottest producers released in the app. The first 200 to download them get them for free!

• Sing any song in your iTunes library with the T-Pain effect

I Am T-Pain 2.0 Smule, I Am T-Pain 2.0, – Free



The makers of ZENONIA have extended to a new side scrolling casual action RPG containing all the core elements of traditional role playing games presented in visually appealing anime style graphics.

Explore through quests, refine your gear, and battle your way to unravel the secrets behind the mysterious tower of ILLUSIA that nobody has entered before!
Annihilate evil and preserve good, on your adventure of restoring peace to the land of Aztaran…


Ninja Pong

In the specialized Ninja Master training one skill is extremely important.

The skill in Bouncing.

In the tough Ninja’s life full of spying, sabotage and infiltration there is always something to jump over. You have to stay focused and concentrated if you don’t want to fall dawn. It becomes more complicated if you’re a tiny Ninja with gigantic head and you have to deal with a precipice larger than you could have ever imagined!

Bounce over thousands of brave warriors just by touching the screen and moving your finger horizontally. Stay out of bombs and arrows. Catch all bonuses, special Ninjas and pass incredible Nights. With two gameplay modes, diverse lands, many achievements, different leaderboards and a lot of additional, unlockable content and gameplay modifications you will keep coming back to the addictive bouncing more often than you think! Lose yourself in Ninja Pong!

Ninja Pong Marcin Konczakowski, Ninja Pong, – Free
Ninja Pong HD Marcin Konczakowski, Ninja Pong HD, – Free

High Caliber Hunting

THINK LIKE A REAL HUNTER. Made to maximize the visual intensity of Retina Display, focus on the strategy of the hunt as you escape into realistic natural environments and seek more than 20 types of wild game. Capture the noble feeling of the ultimate sport with brand-name firearms and precision gear. Whether you’re a dedicated or recreational sportsman, EA™ is proud to bring you the most authentic hunting simulation game on the App Store.

All the hunting environments spring to life in stunning detail, especially with Retina Display. Hunt in dawn, daytime, and dusk scenarios. Spot that prize buck rustling in the woods, take careful aim, and fire. No detail was overlooked to deliver the most honest hunting experience possible.

High Caliber Hunting Electronic Arts, High Caliber Hunting, – Free

Cave Bowling


Warp back in time and join our forefathers in an exciting PHYSICS game of Cave Bowling!

Simply set aim with your finger to send the bowling ball flying through rocky landscapes filled with crazy obstacles and prehistoric animals.

Can you strike the pins and collect all bones without knocking down the cheerful audience, all with a single ball? And who is Mr. Turtle?

ATTENTION: If you like physics-based games, such as Cat Physics, you may be insanely hooked!

Cave Bowling Donut Games, Cave Bowling, – Free

Moxie 2

You start with a hand of 64 letters that you go through “Solitaire” style. Place each letter on the board or “Pass”. If you “Pass” you can’t go back to that letter.
You score points by:

1. Making unique words with the letters
2. Transforming your words into other words by adding and replacing letters. For example: “TIN” becomes “TINE” which becomes “TILE” which becomes “TILED” and so on.
3. Spelling special “Moxie words” for bonus points

Once you spell a word and start transforming it into other words, don’t break the word chain! That’s a “Twaddle” and you’ll lose points.
There’s no time limit and while it helps to know a lot of words, Moxie will more greatly reward those who like to think strategically.

Moxie 2 Blue Ox Technologies Ltd., Moxie 2, – Free
Moxie 2 HD Blue Ox Technologies Ltd., Moxie 2 HD, – Free

Arcade Jumper

Hop into the most retro-inspired intense side-scrolling platformer ever on iOS! Arcade Jumper takes place during the 1980s when Eddy’s little brother Jimmy gets sucked into Ghosty’s magical Megacade arcade machine! To get him back, Eddy must jump and bump through Ghosty’s randomly created old school arcade themed levels!

Along the way, Eddy will collect coins that can be used in the arcade to play redemption games to earn more tickets that are redeemable for extras like the Mr. Destructoid playable character!

Arcade Jumper BlackHiveMedia, Arcade Jumper, – Free

Tiny Defense

Green Planet is a beautiful home of the little mechanical life forms known as “Minirobots”. While living peacefully, their planet was invaded by an army of robot troops calling themselves “The Machines”. These machines tried to turn Green Planet into a space resort and had captured many of the Minirobots, but now they are fighting back!

Use your wit and tactics to overcome the obstacles and save the gorgeous Green Planet! Collect energy crystal to build your army of robot and fight to rescue your friends. Beware! The enemies are everywhere; on the ground, in the sky, over the sea and even under there!

Tiny Defense features bright cartoony graphics with funny characters, easy-to-learn gameplay with a good depth to please strategy fans, a vast number of levels and mini-games with challenging boss fight.

Tiny Defense Picsoft Studio, Tiny Defense, – Free

Real Pinball HD – Vampire (iPad only)

The VAMPIRE table is the first table of REAL PINBALL where the players have to eliminate the vampire 4 different ways while they have a chance to activate such well-known pinball features, such combos, jackpots and multiballs. As well as there are such features which help the players to collect more scores. REWIND helps them to make their faults undone. SLOW-MOTION gives a chance to aim the ball more precisely. Finally the more scores player collects, the higher position player gets in high score list on OpenFeint and Game Center.

Real Pinball HD - Vampire ASK Homework, Real Pinball HD – Vampire, – Free

Word Solitaire: Holiday

We took your favorite word game, added a whole new puzzle element, and themed it especially for the 2011 Holiday Season!

In this special puzzle edition of Word Solitaire, you must complete a level by using all of the provided letters AND correctly spelling a pre-defined holiday word such as Eggnog, Snowflake, and Ornaments.

25 levels of increasing difficulty are included. You may find “ELVES” easy to spell on Level 1 but by the time you get to “TINSELED TRADITION” you better be up for a challenge! Each level features a musical theme and special twist. Word Solitaire: Holiday is set on top of a winter wonderland.

Word Solitaire: Holiday Candywriter, Word Solitaire: Holiday, – Free

The Adventures of Timmy: Run Kitty Run

Timmy’s the coolest kid you’ll ever meet, him and that cat suit of his. And he’s on a mission to save Kitty.

 Timmy’s shyness makes it hard for him to make friends. What’s worse is that the cat costume he wears makes him a target for bullies. When the prettiest girl at school tries to befriend him she gets taken by the school bully Mitch. Timmy must use his imagination to summon his strength to battle through Mitch’s tree house lair and save her. 

Can you help Timmy rescue the girl of his dreams, and discover the secret of his cat costume?


The Adventures of Timmy: Run Kitty Run CB Labs, The Adventures of Timmy: Run Kitty Run, – Free


AcePlayer can play almost any file format movies and streaming directly on iPhone/iPod/iPad. Just transfer the media files to your ios devices by iTunes File Shareing or over Wi-Fi,then it can be played at once. With built-in downloader and FTP/Samba client, it is not just a local movie player,it is “Movie Player & Downloader & Streaming Media Player” in fact. You can also stream/download media files from most of all UPnP/DLNA media servers to your ios devices.
Note: AcePlayer can not work on iPhone 3G and iPod gen1/gen2.

AcePlayer Ranysoft, AcePlayer, – Free


Play 8-ball pool on your mobile device against your friend.

The object of the game is to pocket your set of assigned balls (solid or striped) and finally pocket black ball to designated pocket.

Game features:

– one or two players modes
– for left and right hands
– real 3D ball animation
– hint for precise aiming

Pool Byterun, Pool, – Free

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