Youda Survivor in Review – Robinson Crusoe didn’t have to deal with this!

I think the story of Robinson Crusoe, though sad, has in many respects a lot of romance to it as well. Certainly the prospect of having a Friday of your own 7 days a week is a tempting one. I’m sure many have dreamed or at least tried to imagine what it would be like. And when our imagination fails, us we have but the App Store to turn to. Thanks to G5 Entertainment – the masters of time management – a deserted island will become much less deserted with you on it in Youda Survivor.

Youda Survivor is at its heart a variation on the time-management genre. You are a lone survivor of a shipwreck washed upon a shore of a beautiful tropical island. Here you meet a friendly tribe of natives who recognize you as the hero of their legends. But to prove you truly are the savior you’ll have to go through a series of trials testing your skills and resourcefulness.

Interestingly enough the said tests mainly involve gathering resources and cooking, with some occasional pirate thrashing and hidden object diving. Youda Survivor takes you through a series of levels (and don’t get me wrong – it’s a whole LOT of levels) where you gather water and foodstuffs, process and combine them into potions while using mystic rituals to keeps the water supply available. Each level has a number of objectives and you are awarded a bronze, silver or gold star depending on the time it takes to finish them.

Youda Survivor can be split into several aspects. First of all, you have to dig wells to get water with an occasional rain ritual to keep them full. This water is consumed by birds which lay eggs you can then use either in recipes directly or process further into boiled eggs, then flour and finally the pinnacle of cuisine – tacos. The other supply chain is coconuts followed by split coconuts and coconut oil. To build the processing equipment, as well as performing rituals, energy is consumed. This energy can be replenished by cooking the foodstuffs into potions, with special recipes packing an extra punch. To keep you on your toes pirates occasionally attack, which you have to fight off the good ol’ tap ’em way. And some ingridients are only found below the sea level in a hidden object style mini-game.

The visuals in Youda Survivor certainly don’t have the oompf of games like Infinity Blade but are reasonably serviceable and do the job. Full support for the Retina display is included in the mix, so that’s a plus at least. The interface is quite well thought out – a must for any time management game. The only thing I missed is a more obvious indication the storehouse is full, as most of the time you’ll notice it only by the game refusing to collect items.

Youda Survivor is quite an advanced example of the time management genre. G5 Entertainment threw everything but the kitchen sink in the mix – mystic rituals, figting pirates, diving for shrimps and even cooking. A fan of the genre will certainly find themselves lost in Youda Survivor for days building up his/her tribe cred to prove their worth. That said though, I wouldn’t recommend it for the casual player as the gameplay is quite complex and many will probably tire of it quite soon. Still, for the price of FREE, you can’t go wrong giving it a try yourself (unlocking the full game via IAP currently costs $4.99).


With this I declare Youda Survivor officially touched!

Tap It Rating - 3/5

App Summary
Title: Youda Survivor Developer: G5 Entertainment
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: Free App Size: 133.63MB
  • An advanced time-management game
  • Mystic rituals
  • Pirate fighting
  • Diving
  • Cooking
  • FREE
  • A bit too complex for the casual player
  • Some minor interface issues
  • Doesn’t really hook you in


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