TAB Rest – New Wrist Rest And Cushioned Support for your iPad

San Diego, California – newMacgadgets today is pleased to announce their newest product, TAB Rests. TAB Rests are designed for children and adults and improve overall performance of your iPad or iPad 2.

TAB Rests are a innovative foam cushioned base with wrist rest support that provides a better way to hold your tablet. TAB Rests are ideal when using your iPad, Android tablet, Kindle or Nook for extended periods. The soft foam base sits comfortably on your lap to provide a better viewing angle. TAB Rests also work well on desktop’s or other hard surfaces to improve performance.

Tablets can weigh up to 2 lbs and be difficult for children or adults to hold for long periods of time. TAB Rests solve this problem by providing a soft-padded base for your lap. TAB Rests are small enough to pack in your carry bag when traveling. Your kids will love using them in the car.

At only $14.95 each TAB Rests are priced nearly $30 less than other bulky over-designed stands. If you use your iPad, Android tablet or eReader for long periods of time then make sure to get the most out of your device by adding a TAB Rest today! TAB Rests also make great gift for the upcoming holidays.

TAB Rests
TAB Rest Photo 1
TAB Rest Photo 2
TAB Rest Photo 3

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