The iDrive Mobile Device Mount – Now you can work and play on your iPad behind the wheel

Have you ever wished that there was a more practical way to surf the web on your iPad while driving? If so, this clever accessory — aka the iDrive — is just what you need.

Introducing the iDrive – a new way to stay connected to the world around you through your favorite devices – all while operating the vehicles you love!  Enjoy a good book on a leisurely motorcycle ride, shoot up killer robots on the way to work, or surf the internet while mountain biking.  With iDrive, you rule the road.

Just before you start wondering what happens if the airbag deploys (as in having a tablet greet your face at 100 mph), the iDrive is (thankfully) a fake. Sold by PrankPack, these “Genuine Fake Gift Boxes” go for $8 a pop, or 3 for $20. Currently there are 12 different fake/real boxes for sale, including the iArm, Bathe & Brew and Wake & Bake Griddle. Take a look below at a few more of these clever gift gags.


[Gizmodo via iDB]

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