Three for Free: Zentomino, Blowup!! and Monster Island

Ready for more freebies? Here are today’s featured 3 “Apps Gone Free”:

Zentomino - Relaxing alternative to tangram puzzles Zentomino (TMA Review) – A variation of the popular pentomino puzzle game, you must fill in shapes with the given number of blocks, all without overlapping any of the pieces of course. Zentomino features over 275 puzzles, game center achievements and various difficulty levels. If you enjoy these types of tangram games, LetsTans Deluxe is also free for a limited time.

Blowup!! Blowup!! – A surprisingly fun and fast paced link ’em puzzler, you’ll have to match as many blocks (or robots in this case) of the same color as possible and remove them from the playing field. 8 or more at the same time results in combo bonuses, while blowing up 13 or more blocks at once will give you “Nibbles”, which can be used to blow up single blocks that are in the way of matches. Highly recommended if you’re into the whole matching craze.

Monster Island Monster Island – Another hit from, Monster Island is very similar in gameplay to Fragger and can also be played online for free. Monster thugs are loose on the island and its up to you and your arsenal of mini-monster bombs to get the job done. The 250+ levels, 4 different islands and 12 unique “heroes” make this a great alternative to Angry Birds (and catapult games in general).

These freebies may not last long, so be sure to grab ‘em pronto!


Choose a puzzle to solve, and try to complete the shape, without overlapping any of the pieces. Zentomino will recognize when the puzzle is solved. Play for five minutes, or five hours!

– Over 275 puzzles
– Game Center achievements
– Various difficulty levels
– Hint system
– Solve puzzles in any order
– Shake your device to reset your current puzzle
– Track your progress, with a full view of all your completed puzzles
– Soothing background music by Atomicon

Zentomino - Relaxing alternative to tangram puzzles Little White Bear Studios, Zentomino – Free


⇒Let`s Gather Blocks!
⇒Transform them into Ultimate Robots

✓ How to Play
1. Accumulate 8 or more same color and blow all them up!
2. As you gather more blocks, you’ll earn more energy and scores.
Check out 9 levels of Block Transformation!
3. You will need “Nibble” to remove single block.
Each nibble will be awarded as you blow up 13 or more blocks.
4. With higher scores, each musical elements will be added on top of each .
Achieve 100% to complete the music!
* Once you achieve over 100%, you will be able to listen to hidden music tracks.

Blowup!! Cravemob Co.,Ltd, Blowup!!, – Free

Monster Island

Monster thugs are on the loose harassing the inhabitants of the colorful world of Monster Island. Now, it’s up to you and your arsenal of mini-monster bombs to get rid of this plague of unwanted visitors. Can you stand against such mischievous foes?

Unlock five different monster bombs, each with its own abilities: Rocko, Sticky, Xplode, Blui and the fearsome Don Tonator! Toss them at enemies over 3 worlds and 200 reactive puzzles which will dazzle you for many hours of unparalleled fun.

Change your character in the store to get new and cool looks.


★ 252 levels over 4 different islands (and more to come!)
★ Choose one of 12 unique heroes
★ Amazing retina graphics
★ Game Center Leader Boards and Achievements
★ Game music, which automatically switches itself off at start when playing other music on your iPod/iPhone
★ Interactive tutorial to learn how to play

Monster Island, Monster Island, – Free

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