10 New App Store Games To Watch [Nov. 21 – 27]

If last week’s potential selections made me feel like I had an early Christmas, than this week’s contenders were like the week after New Year’s.  Everything has settled down and people are apparently content with what they have for a while.  Still, I was able to find a few games to share with you, and hopefully something will catch your attention.  First up is Legendary Outlaw, a new FPS that lets you step in the shoes of a bad guy and show everyone else who is boss.  If you like your action a bit more satirical there’s War On Terror, a somewhat off-kilter look at world domination.  And, for those who like electronic twists on old classics you might take a fancy to Pinball City NY, a gritty pinball game with a detective theme and five ball simultaneous action.

Legendary Outlaw – This new FPS for iOS devices puts you in the shoes of Colt Kaufman, a man whose only desire is to become the ultimate Legendary Outlaw.  You’ll affect your escape from prison a mere day before you’re set to be released anyway, and then bulldoze your way through 12 stages of everything and anything to get back to your cavern homeland.  When you’re in close you can take on your adversaries mano y mano, but when fists won’t do you can brandish a nice set of weaponry, and even carry a weapon in each hand when applicable.  You’ll get your choice of everything from a standard firearm to a Gatling gun, with dynamite and Molotov cocktails for long range, mass destruction.  And when showmanship is key you’ll enter into Matrix like movement where the world stands still as you execute awesome attacks.  You’ll even get the chance to navigate pitch black environments with the aid of a lantern, but don’t think your opponents won’t have access to the same.  It’s time to see what the wrong side of the law has to offer.

Legendary Outlaw Game Tongue Software, Legendary Outlaw, – $2.99

NFL Pro 2012 – It looks like Gameloft’s NFL xxxx HD series has been renamed to NFL Pro, but more important is the fact that it has gone free!  That’s right, you get all the pigskin tossin’, team managing, touchdown scoring action for the big fat price tag of zip.  Of course you’ll need credits and XP in order to unlock various features in the game, and Gameloft is more than happy to sell you those through IAP.  Anyway, the game itself boasts a roster comprised of all 32 NFL teams with more than 2000 players to choose from.  Challenging AI will keep you on your toes while a playbook containing more than 200 plays can help you win the game.  You can even use an editor to make your own plays.  Motion capture technology and HD graphics will make you feel like you’re right on the field, and an integrated RSS feed will let you actually keep up with news on your favorite teams.  It sounds like Gameloft has made some pretty good use of it’s NFL license.

NFL Pro 2012 Gameloft, NFL Pro 2012, – Free

Aliens versus Humans – It appears that X-Com style game play is becoming popular again with last week’s UFO Hotseat and now this week’s Aliens versus Humans.  While this offering doesn’t seem quite as polished visually and doesn’t support multi-player, it more than makes up for that with actual gameplay features.  You’ll unravel a solid story line that spans 20 missions with more on the way.  Randomly generated maps and 20 achievements via your preference of OpenFeint or Game Center will keep the game fresh even once you’ve completed that 20th mission.  There are 11 weapons to unlock as the game progresses and 3 types of armor to use.  The developer boasts more than 6 hours of game play before replaying missions and the forthcoming updates, so you should be able to get your money out of this one.

Aliens versus Humans Leisurerules Inc., Aliens versus Humans, – $1.99

Super Cuts – Normally when I think “rhythm game” I picture “action to a beat”, so the idea of combining that with hair cutting was intriguing, if not a bit scary.  After watching the teaser video for Super Cuts I get the feeling that it’s not what I thought it was, but it still looks quite entertaining.  You’ll have to trim the doo of more than 20 characters that get unlocked over time, ranging from the neighborhood Fido to the invisible man.  Each character has its own wacky hair style and demeanor, but they all look quite entertaining.  The better the hair cut the more points you get, and many successful cuts in a row can earn you big bonus points.  You can compete on leaderboards in Game Center, and there are several achievements to earn as well.  Super Cuts looks like a game to check out if you’re in the market for something lighthearted and a bit different.

Super Cuts Behold Studios, Super Cuts, – $0.99

Star Hammer Tactics – This is an iOS port of a popular PSP Minis sci-fi strategy game, and it looks pretty sweet.  In campaign mode you take control of the fleet NSG-14, and you must fend off an alien invasion.  If you’re looking for something a little more personal you can take on computer AI or challenge a friend via pass-and-play to a skirmish mode where you can configure your own fleet.  Campaign mode is held together by an epic story that has been specially written for the iOS version of the game.  Beyond that you can check out the Data Archives to learn more about the history of the Star Hammer universe.  Game Center support provides leaderboards and achievements, so you’ll have plenty to work for.  The two main things I’d like to see are a campaign where you get to play as the aliens and the ability to play two player via internet, but otherwise Star Hammer Tactics sounds like a solid sci-fi strategy experience.

Star Hammer Tactics Black Lab Games, Star Hammer Tactics, – Free

War on Terror – We all know terrorism is not a laughing matter, but especially in today’s world sometimes the easiest way to deal with things is to poke fun at it.  3DO proved that a long time ago with the great Amiga game Nuclear War, and now it looks like it is TerrorBull Games’ turn with War on Terror for iOS devices.  This satirical look at strategic warfare is based on a board game of the same name that was once banned and now praised for its satire.  There are no real allies or enemies – you just need to do what’s “right” to get you through the current situation.  Make an alliance to defeat one country then turn on your comrades for their oil.  There are 49 territories to conquer, and oil is randomly distributed at the beginning of each game.  The AI is reactive, and terrorist funding is anonymous (or so you’re lead to believe).  Original artwork and one of the best songs ever penned create a great atmosphere.  And, when all is said and done, be prepared for the Monty Python of video game credits.

War on Terror TerrorBull Games Ltd, War on Terror, – $4.99

Subject 7 – The quest for new ways to visualize the interface between iOS users and their devices continues with this adventure game from Float Hybrid Entertainment.  You are Subject 7, and you’ll “move” around your world by pointing your device in different directions, much like you would if you were playing an AR game.  However, the landscape is clearly sci-fi, so don’t expect to see some cheesy graphics overlaid on a camera eye’s view of your physical surroundings.  You’ll need to search for clues and solve puzzles while picking up, carrying, throwing and otherwise manipulating the objects around you.  You’ll even get to fight shadowy enemies with a selection of futuristic weaponry.  The story is conveyed through a series of spoken dialogs, and it’s up to you to determine who is trying to help or hinder you.  The Unreal 3 engine should provide some slick visuals, and advanced spatial sound will hopefully provide a more immersive experience.

Subject 7 Float Hybrid Entertainment, Subject 7, – $2.99

Silvester Adventure – I’m not 100% sure what this game is about, but I’ve always thought the concept of shadow manipulation was intriguing, so Silvester’s got my interest.  Apparently the shadow realm and the physical world have fallen out of sync, so I’m guessing it’s your job to fix the situation.  There are 31 levels to master across 4 different types of worlds, and as you progress through the game you’ll learn how to move, grow and shrink shadows.  Additionally you’ll receive power-ups to extend the Shadow Range, which is the area that is safe for shadows to inhabit.  I think this is one of those games that might suffer from a less than adequate iTunes description, because it sounds interesting but the details aren’t full enough to give a comprehensive picture of the game.

Silvester Adventure Sim Chia Tek, Silvester Adventure, – $1.99

Pinball City NY – Pinball games are nothing new to iOS devices, but it seems like this developer has gone to great lengths to make this as much a story as a pinball experience.  You take on the role of a hard boiled detective who must protect a dame from some rough elements.  Real physics, a unique nudging system, and five ball simultaneous action make this a thrilling pinball game.  Everything else makes it an intriguing game period.  The story is told through superb dialogs and slick animations.  The visual style is gritty film noir at its best.  Vintage special effects make you feel at home in the 1920’s surroundings.  In the same respect you can earn trophies and rank on Game Center for that modern social “in your face” aspect of the game.  Are you ready for pinball with a tale?

Pinball City NY AnotherWay2Play, Pinball City NY, – $1.99
Pinball City NY HD AnotherWay2Play, Pinball City NY HD, – $3.99

Zombie Lane – Zombies are invading and it’s time for you to take back the neighborhood, Digital Chocolate style.  Equip your character with anything from a shovel to a flame thrower and beat or barbeque the hordes of undead coming your way.  You don’t have to do it alone, though, as friends can join you thanks to Facebook Connect and Game Center.  Complete quests and help a poor Rent-a-Cop clear the streets for the safety of the living townsfolk.  Gather material to craft super weapons and trade items and coins with your friends.  You can even hire them and visit their homesteads.  You’ll earn achievements and get items for taking down zombies, and eventually be able to customize your player from head to toe.  If you’ve ever wondered what Left 4 Dead would be like with a comical bent, there’s a good chance that Zombie Lane is your answer.

Zombie Lane Digital Chocolate, Zombie Lane, – Free

That was just 10 of the many new releases this past week. Here are several more notable titles you may find of interest:

Well that wraps up another week of games to watch on the App Store.  As always, if there’s something you’ve played from the past week that you feel should be part of this list, please leave a reply to this post.

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