Three for Free: Daily Deeds, Pudding Panic and the LeftOvers

Ready for more freebies? Here are today’s featured 3 “Apps Gone Free”:

Daily Deeds Daily Deeds – If you need a little motivation for getting things done, Daily Deeds is worth checking. The app lets you create “habits”, which can then be checked off as you complete them everyday. The daily view mode provides a quick visual overview of how you’ve been doing with color labels and check marks for everyday you’ve completed the task. You can also back up your data to Dropbox and create PDF reports to share via email.

the LeftOvers the LeftOvers – Predominantly an online multiplayer strategy game, it certainly has a Plants vs. Zombies (Review) feel to it. Instead of zombies though, kids are now left to reshape the world and wipeout other “LeftOver” factions as all the adults have mysterious vanished. Setup your defenses, deploy various units and storm enemy bases. Best played against a friend online as there’s really no single player mode to speak of.

The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic – A critically acclaimed action/puzzle game, you play as J. Jitters a nervous Nellie Pudding trapped in a haunted house. You must lead him to safety by manipulating the train tracks, fighting back against the “scary monsters” and solving various puzzles (see video trailer here). It’s one of the more delightful games you’ll come across on iOS. Note: the iPad version is a separate download.

These freebies may not last long, so be sure to grab ’em pronto!

Daily Deeds

Daily Deeds is a simple and fun way to motivate yourself to perform the things you need to do every day. Whether it’s grocery shopping, dish washing, orchid watering, taking care of grandma or fragging friends in cyberspace, Daily Deeds helps you organize your everyday life.

Keeping constant tabs on your everyday tasks can be a pain in the neck, but not with Daily Deeds. Create a new habit, then each day as you complete it, just tick it off of your deeds list. It’s easy and satisfying to manage your everyday tasks with Daily Deeds.

Daily Deeds SpoonJuice, Daily Deeds, – Free

the LeftOvers

The LeftOvers is a quick and quirky online multiplayer strategy game, set in a world without adults. Kids, banded into factions, battle for control of the world, one schoolyard and cul-de-sac at a time!

At lunchtime on a Tuesday like any other, every grownup on Earth suddenly and mysteriously vanished! Now, known as the LeftOvers, kids are free to rebuild the world without the tyranny of adult supervision! The only problem? All those other LeftOvers!

Bound by ideology and dress code, factions of LeftOvers await your leadership! They’ll praise, honor, and do your bidding while you command them to victory (or doom)!

the LeftOvers Motiga, the LeftOvers, – Free

The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic

An anxious pudding is trapped in a haunted house! Puzzle the pudding’s way to the exit and unravel tricky labyrinths. But beware! Scary monsters are waiting in the dark! Your only chance of survival is to scare the monsters back before the pudding quivers, shivers and faints from fear. Fight evil witches, rattling skeletons and rusty knights with an arsenal of crazy weapons! Collect coins to reload your weapons and valerian for your nerves! Are you clever and skilled enough to escape the labyrinth and to defeat the final enemies?

Test your courage in 48 suspenseful levels and dive into four beautiful 3D worlds! Many variations in gameplay and lots of creepy challenges will make your pulse rise and your adrenalin flow: Solve puzzles, play against the clock, escape the monsters and win treacherous races! A crazy game for players of any level, but only those with strong nerves!

The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic kunst-stoff GmbH, The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic, – Free

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