MyLAB an innovative vocal recording app – for singing and beyond

Seoul, South Korea – From Ubinuri Inc., the renowned mobile software company responsible for No. 1 ranked apps the world over, comes MyLAB for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. MyLAB is a dynamic vocal enhancement application and language lab that essentially serves as a studio-on-the-go for future singing superstars and anyone trying to perfect a foreign language. Users can, 24/7/365, easily and instantly record a singing performance, or chunks of conversation in a foreign language, and then go back and study their delivery over and over until they have perfected their pitch, tone and timing.

For those looking to become the next Rihanna or Taylor Swift, MyLAB offers a mobile recording studio that allows users to record and then study and perfect their singing abilities – without having to spend blocks of hours in a brick-and-mortar recording studio, without having to spend a ton of money on tedious and expensive vocal lessons, and without having to be restricted by the limitations and discomfort of working with a professional instructor. MyLAB lets you develop your singing chops at your own pace; anytime you want, and anywhere in the world.

For those looking to learn how to speak perfect English or Japanese (or any other language) MyLAB offers a system of recording, playback and vocal shadowing that does not require users to pour over heavy textbooks, study for stressful exams or complete the same boring exercises over and over. With MyLAB, language learners can record their speech and then critique and analyze their skills with the playback mode. By leveraging MyLAB’s powerful self-study system, and making use of a flexible, mobile app that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, MyLAB gives users a comprehensive, results-based language lab that really works, and leads to all-out perfection.

“We are so excited about MyLAB, because it is rare to come across a mobile application that can function so highly in more than one way,” said Ubinuri’s Product Manager, Lena Kwon. “For those who want to work on and perfect their singing – and one day make it to Radio City Music Hall, or the Grand Ole Opry – MyLAB gives them a mobile recording studio that they can use anytime and anywhere. A lot of really talented young singers never advance because they do not have the means to study with expensive vocal teachers. Now, they can teach themselves through self-study, with MyLAB. For those who want to, or need to – in this ever-increasingly global world, perfect their ability to understand and pronounce words in a foreign language, MyLAB is an essential, cost-effective tool that lets users learn, stress-free, and on their own time.”

MyLAB, available on iTunes for $1.99 USD, is easy to use, and features a playback mode that allows singers the option of recording their performance with the aid of accompanying background music. Once singers have recorded themselves, they can remove the background music and, during playback mode, hone in on critiquing and learning from their performance. For language learners, MyLAB offers the similar option of listening to their vocal recordings en-route to perfecting their pronunciation, conversational transitions and overall proficiency.

* Voice monitoring
* Playback mode
* Shadowing/pronunciation feature
* Customizable language lab
* Repeat mode

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 4.0 or later
* 11.3 MB

Pricing and Availability:
MyLAB Pro 1.1 is available at iTunes (Education section) for $1.99 USD.

MyLAB Pro 1.1
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
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