Massive Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sales Roundup

Our massive Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sales Roundup is finally ready. All the biggest and most notable price drops, including those mentioned in previous days, are here. EA Mobile, as expected, is offering a good number of their iPhone and iPad games for $0.99. Dead Space, C&C RED ALERT for iPad and The Sims 3 are but a few you can pick up for a dollar over the next several days. Meanwhile, Dark Meadow, the critically acclaimed first person adventure, has dropped from $5.99 to $0.99. And if you’re in the market for GPS apps, the CoPilot Live and NAVIGON series are both discounted by as much as $20. Check out the entire roundup after the gap!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Update: ** Denotes apps newly added to roundup.




EA Mobile

$0.99 Deals

$1.99 Deals

$2.99 Deals

$4.99 Deals

$6.99 Deals



Telltale Games

iPad Games

iPhone Games

Tin Man Games **

MumboJumbo **

Miscellaneous Games

$0.99 Deals

$1.99 Deals

$2.99 + Deals


Also, don’t forget that iBear personal finance apps are now $0.99!

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