Three for Free: Burn the Ropes World, XenoCube SD and TrafficVille HD

Ready for some Freebies to start off your weekend? Here are three notable games that have gone Free today:

Burn the Rope Worlds Burn the Rope Worlds – The followup to the hit Burn the Rope, Worlds comes packed with 100 new levels, 4 themed worlds and an all-new Endless Burn mini-game. The premise: burn as much rope as you can, though the fire only burns upwards – meaning you’ll have to tilt & turn your iDevice around to keep the flame alive.

TrafficVille HD TrafficVille HD – Think Flight Control (Review) minus the planes and line drawing. Supposedly the first “traffic control” game for iOS, you must manage multiple lights and vehicles and ensure that the flow of traffic keeps humming along. It’s universal, so it can be enjoyed on both your iPhone and iPad.

XenoCube SD XenoCube SD – A unique take on the Match 3 genre, it’s almost like you’re playing Bejeweled on a rubic’s cube. And being that the playground’s a cube, you can rotate it to make your matches (thus giving it a 3D feel to the game). Power ups, explosive effects and 5 game modes should excite all Match 3 fanatics.

Burn the Rope Worlds

Burn the Rope: Worlds lights up your iPhone all over again with 100 brand-new levels, four different themed worlds including Jungle, Mechanical, Fantasy and Space; and an exciting brand new mini-game called Endless Burn.

Like the original Burn the Rope, the goal is to burn as much rope as possible without letting the flames burn out. Flames only burn upwards and the phone must be rotated in order to keep the flames going. Along the way different types of bugs crawling along the rope can help or hinder players as they try to solve each puzzle.

Burn the Rope: Worlds’ Endless Burn is a brand new mini-game where the player tries to collect as many bugs as possible — the catch is that as the player collects bugs their flame trail gets longer, and if they run into the flame trail the round is over! Endless Burn features 3 different levels of difficulty so players of all skill levels can share in the fun.

•100 brand new levels (+hundreds more through daily puzzle)
•Four new worlds!
•Incredibly fun new mini-game Endless Burn!
•New Puzzles updated daily!
•Casual mode for a more relaxed session!

Burn the Rope Worlds Big Blue Bubble, Burn the Rope Worlds, – Free

TrafficVille HD

★★★USA: Ranked #68 All Games – iPad – FREE★★★
★★★CANADA: Ranked #60 All Games – iPad – FREE★★★
★★★FRANCE: Ranked #11 All Games – iPad – FREE★★★
★★★ITALY: Ranked #20 All Games – iPhone – FREE★★★

★ FIRST traffic control game where cars are turning left/right
★ Universal app with HD/Retina Display
★ OpenFeint support – GameCenter coming soon
★ Control 6 Traffic lights
★ Control 7+ vehicles: 6 car models, firetrucks, trains, airplanes etc.
★ Beware of firetrucks and airplanes

Keep the traffic flowing, avoid huge car crashes and see how high you can get up on the leader board in this totally addictive game.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Do you think you can make it? Think again!
As you progress through the levels the traffic lights become time controlled and do not stay red for more than 7 seconds.

TrafficVille HD Fan Studio, TrafficVille HD, – Free

XenoCube SD

Game runs on iPhone 4, 4s and iPod Touch 4th Gen.

**Note: Please visit the game’s web site at to download and print the augmented reality card for use with AR mode on iPhone 4. This is needed in order for this mode to work properly. AR Mode functionality is coming soon in an update for iPhone 4S.

Taking Match 3 to 3D!

Experience amazing 3D effects that explode off your 2D screen with XenoCube, a must have remake of the classic, addictive, Match 3 style game that utilizes perspective tricks to make it seem like you are seeing the game world in 3D. Match 3 or more across multiple sides and earn power ups for explosive effects and big points as you advance through 32 levels in any of the game’s 5 unique modes including a revolutionary Augmented Reality mode. You won’t believe your eyes as you create your own backgrounds with this amazing technology that will allow you to play XenoCube anywhere your mind can imagine. Filled with amazing visuals, XenoCube is harder, smarter and more fun! You will never want to play in 2D again.

XenoCube SD Digital Embryo Studios, XenoCube SD, – Free



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