– AppaSnap Revolutionises the Process of Searching For Apps

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom – AppaSnap today announced that their new apps review website which was officially launched last month now has a revolutionary new search engine function.

Unlike other app review site search engines, AppaSnap allows the user to influence their search results by setting sliders to reflect their preferences for individual elements such as graphics, value and longevity. The user will then get lists of reviews tuned to their personal preferences.

To make it even easier for readers to browse for apps that interest them, reviews are also organised into logical categories such as Casual, Puzzle, Racing, Interactive Books, etc. Each category also highlights apps that AppaSnap considers to be the must-have stand-out benchmarks as well as awarding medals for the best titles (as well as also occasionally highlighting the worst!).

AppaSnap has been able to create this functionality due to the unique nature of its reviews where scores are given for each element of the game as well as a total rating for the whole app. This database driven approach differs from most other sites that act more like a blog and don’t have as much detail in their reviews.

AppaSnap is also very proud to discover and review completely unknown titles from indie developers to give exposure to apps that have little chance of being spotted by Appstore visitors hunting amongst the 500,000 apps now available.
AppaSnap is unique in the number of reviewers it has recruited with over 100 contributors and another 5-10 a week applying to be reviewers. This is resulting in up to 10 new reviews a day being published.

Craig Langley, Editor of AppaSnap said “The interest in the site since our launch last month has been incredible with many developers and readers saying how cool and clean they think the site is because it is not covered in adverts. We have seen massive growth in readership in the last month and now have 30,000 visitors a month and most new reviews with good scores are getting 150 reads in the first day alone. Last month we also launched our Twitter and Facebook activities and are quickly heading towards 1,000 followers already.”

Tim O’Connell, a new reviewer from Michigan said “I have been a long time Apple user and I figured AppaSnap would be a good way to find some new apps that I would normally never look at – less popular apps not heavily promoted by the indie developers. I found this site to be more interesting than other reviews sites I normally use like SlideToPlay and Appspy, because AppaSnap reviews are written by typical users instead of professional journalists. I have been creating reviews for AppaSnap now for over a month and I have found some great kids apps for my 5 year-old (which he loved greatly), a beautiful sailboat racing game that I would never of tried otherwise which really opened my eyes as to what I had been missing and now I am currently reviewing a racing game. I would not have been introduced to all these different types of apps had it not been for joining AppaSnap.”


AppaSnap was formed in June 2011 by Craig Langley and John Thornewill who between them have more than 40 years’ experience of computing, games and game reviews. From the early days of home computing in the 1980’s to the latest advanced mobile games, Craig and John have developed and designed many titles and have used this experience to create the most in-depth reviews site for iPhone and iPad games. Copyright (C) 2011 AppaSnap. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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