Cairn Story app for iPhone, from UbiNuri, a trail blazers best friend

Seoul, South Korea – From UbiNuri Inc., a key mobile software gateway to and from Korea that introduces best-selling mobile apps to the world, comes an exciting app for those who love the thrill of trekking; in all of its various forms. Cairn Story for iPhone, available for download at the App Store, empowers hikers, mountain trail enthusiasts, bike riders, trail blazers of all sorts, and runners to participate in a more dynamic and enjoyable trekking experience. Cairn Story – in offering a comprehensive list of high-tech logging, sharing, and route-mapping features – is a must-have travel app that provides a veritable central command for trekkers of all kind to share routes, knowledge and experiences.

Powered by a unique technology triple-play – in the combination of an innovative GPS-powered mobile application, an accompanying website (, and social network service applications – Cairn Story allows users to do more than simply share the location and appearance of cairns throughout the countryside. Cairn Story, instead, provides a vast backdrop in which users can record and share every detail of their trekking adventure – whether it’s for their own route-mapping purposes, or to share their travel details and stories with other users. With Cairn Story, experienced (and novice) travelers can plot their route using GPS, and even estimate crucial times and distances from starting points to mid-points to end-points.

Cairn Story gives users the reach and benefit of posting their travel details with Social Network Service providers (via Twitter and Facebook), and – in providing the accompanying central command of a website (in – the app also gives users the option of making their routes visible, on the dashboard, to other friends and users; which also serves to provide a crucial ‘just in case’ safety element, for those heading out on extended journeys, that could prevent a missing trekker situation.

“The thing about Cairn Story, is that it’s not just about providing advanced features when it comes to checkpoint marking, route-mapping, distance planning, travel logging, and all the other mission critical elements that are so important for serious trekkers to have,” said UbiNuri’s Product Manager, Lena Kwon. “To be fair, Cairn Story meets all of those needs, and beyond. But, more than that, what really sets Cairn Story apart is that it gives trekkers their own comprehensive arena, powered by high-tech features and social media, in which they can share their experiences and knowledge with other trekkers, via travel logs, pictures, videos, and audio. This is an all-encompassing travel app for users of all types.”

By combining the power of GPS, a smartphone application that features an accompanying website, and social media travel posting – and by ultimately providing a prevailing, online hub in cyberspace where trekkers can, via multimedia, share their stories, experiences and cairn locations and appearances – Cairn Story for iPhone creates a veritable central command for users of all kinds, in which they can share their stories, route information and other trekking knowledge with other travelers around the world.

Available for download in the Travel section at iTunes, Cairn Story is a must-have app for anyone who loves the thrill and adventure of traveling from point-to-point, and is excited about the prospect of sharing cairn locations and appearances, and other land-marking locations and stories, with other travel enthusiasts around the world.

Features offered in Cairn Story
* Map (GoogleMap/OpenMap) and dashboard view modes
* Dashboard featuring speed, distance, altitude display
* Log and share travel records (individuals and/or groups)
* Social Media location/story share via Twitter/Facebook
* Record travel distances from point to point
* Easy upload of travel log onto
* Travel route/detail save with images, video and audio
* GPS point marking with easily distinguishable icons
* Search/download user stories for guiding information
* Download GPS Track log, point, pictures, videos and audio (on the go!) from
* GPS checkpoint/route tracking with photos
* 3D travel record powered by Google Earth Touring

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S
* Requires iOS 4.0 or later
* 9.3 MB

Pricing and Availability
Cairn Story 1.1.2 is available for USD $1.99 in the iTunes Travel section.

Cairn Story 1.1.2
Purchase and Download
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Cairn Story is available through UbiNuri, a renowned Korean mobile app distribution hub that has worked with hundreds of developers the world over. UbiNuri’s mobile ecosystem, in distributing important and useful apps such as Cairn Story, BuddyCon, IV Therapy Helper and RingSkin, has been critical in making mobile apps more readily available to the Korean and world market. Copyright (C) 2011 UbiNuri. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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