PressOK Entertainment Launches PlacePlay Ads

Seattle, Washington – PressOK Entertainment, Inc., the Seattle-based developer of PlacePlay, today announced the beta launch of PlacePlay Ads, a hyper-local mobile ad solution that enables iOS mobile game developers to drive revenue by serving relevant, locally targeted banner ads. Working in conjunction with PlacePlay’s location-based engagement features launched in July of this year, PlacePlay Ads provide up to 10 times higher eCPMs than traditional ad networks. Apple prevents iOS developers from utilizing location-based ad networks in games without location-based features. With PlacePlay Ads, PressOK now solves that challenge by offering the location-based features and the hyper-local ad inventory.

Local media and advertising advisory firm BIA/Kelsey predicts that location-based mobile advertising will grow to $2.8 billion by 2015 in the U.S. alone, up from $404 million in 2010. By focusing on the mobile gaming market and leveraging its unique ability to combine user location data, time of day, demo data, and click history to serve the most relevant local banner ads, PressOK has positioned itself as the ideal partner for iOS developers who are starting to reap the benefits of implementing PlacePlay features.

“We are thrilled with our results from integrating PlacePlay into our hit game Memory Matches,” explains Michael Orlando, CEO of IDC Projects, a mobile game developer and publisher based in Rolla, Missouri. “Engaged users are playing three times more than before and the hyper-local banner ads have yielded eCPMs up to $8.34, more than 10 times what we are seeing with other networks. Since integrating PlacePlay in Memory Matches, we have rethought our entire portfolio of games to enable location and allow us to utilize PlacePlay Ads.”

“With the steady decrease in banner eCPMs over the last year, we decided to integrate both PlacePlay and PlacePlay Ads into several of our games, including the just released Movie Quizzle 2 and the upcoming sequel to our hit game Zombie Duck Hunt,” says Justin Maples, CEO of Broken Thumbs Apps, a mobile application development company based in Cupertino, Calif. “PlacePlay Ads couldn’t come at a better time, and we look forward to PlacePlay driving our gamer engagement and revenue.”

“PlacePlay now helps developers on two fronts – it not only provides them with easy-to-integrate features that Apple requires to serve hyper-local advertising, it also gives them access to a high-eCPM local banner ad network to make more money,” adds Ryan Morel, CEO of PressOK Entertainment. “A hundred percent revenue share is available to the first 25 developers who launch a game with PlacePlay Ads.”

Note to editors:
PlacePlay and PlacePlay Ads for iOS can be downloaded at Android versions will be available in early 2012. Please email to request screenshots. Download Memory Matches and Movie Quizzle 2 from the links below.

PressOK Entertainment
PlacePlay Ads
Memory Matches 1.7.2
Movie Quizzle 2 (v1.0)

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Seattle, Washington. PressOK Entertainment, Inc. is a leading developer of mobile tools and applications. Its flagship product, PlacePlay, is a location-enablement platform that connects mobile game developers, players, and local advertisers. For more information, please visit us online. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Copyright (C) 2008-2011 PressOK Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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