Detox Studios Releases a Personal Learning Edition of uScript

Phoenix, Arizona – Detox Studios officially announced today that they have released a Personal Learning Edition (PLE) of their popular uScript Visual Scripting Tool for Unity, which provides free access to the software for non-commercial use. uScript Personal Learning Edition was created to provide free access of the full power of the software for evaluation and educational use by students, teachers, industry professionals and other interested in creating interactive software. The software, which is now available for free download at contains every feature found in the full commercial version of uScript, so PLE users will have full access to all of uScript’s powerful features– and on all of Unity’s supported target platforms.

“uScript has been very well received in the Unity community from our earliest beta release and is already being used in many commercial and personal projects with great success,” stated Scott Blinn, co-founder and president of Detox Studios. “We are thrilled to be able to offer a free solution for those wishing to learn and evaluate uScript. uScript continues to be a primary focus for our company and there are still many features on our roadmap that we think will continue to set the bar for what a visual scripting solution should be.”

The uScript Community:
Central to the uScript learning experience and our customer support, the uScript Community Website offers news, online documentation, tutorials, project examples, community wiki and forum offer our users a great centralized location to help them find the help and support they need to become experts with uScript.

The uScript Community Website welcomes anyone interested in uScript development and is offered as a free service for all uScript users. For more information about the uScript Community Website, and to join our community , please visit our forums.

The uScript Personal Learning Edition is available for download now at dextox studios website.

Detox Studios

As the world’s leading innovator of visual scripting solutions for interactive entertainment, Detox Studios LLC was founded in 2011 by four video game industry veterans of many award-winning products. Our philosophy is to use our experience in game development to create tools that allow you to iterate rapidly and to enable non-technical developers such as designers and artists to more directly utilize their creative skills, providing them with the power to explore possibilities faster in order to make great products. Detox Studios is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. (C) Copyright 2011 Detox Studios LLC (”Detox Studios”). All rights reserved. All other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

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