Astrid To-do makes it way onto iPhone and iPod Touch

Astrid To-Do, one of the most popular todo apps for Android with over 2.5 million users, has recently been released for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This multi-platform and FREE productivity app isn’t as comprehensive as say OmniFocus, but it does all you’d expect from a reminder and checklist tool. Aside from being able to create custom Lists, set Priorities and Due Dates for an event or task, Astrid’s most desirable feature is the ability to share todos with your friends and family via email, Facebook or Twitter. As such, co-workers or friends can rely on Astrid to collaborate on a project, or even something as simple as a shopping list. There’s even Voice Recognition that’ll turn your speech into tasks, so you won’t have to type out the text every single time. From my experience thus far, it’s fairly accurate and should work just fine for simple task entries. Astrid is definitely worth checking out, especially if you require a (social) task manager that also lets you easily share lists and todos with others.

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App Description

★★★★★ Astrid is a 100% FREE multi-platform to-do list with over 2.5M users

Try Astrid, a simple but powerful to-do list that helps individuals and groups collaborate, get stuff done, and have more fun!

★★★★★ Full-featured task management app

● Cloud sync ( with push notifications
● Voice recognition turns your speech into tasks on the go
● Share tasks and lists over e-mail, Facebook, Twitter
● See friends’ public tasks and give them encouragement
● E-mail integration: add, comment on, and even complete tasks by e-mail
● One-time or repeating reminders
● Add notes and set multiple priorities
● Add to calendar with calendar integration
● Your data is stored securely and only visible to those you allow
● Astrid is the personal assistant you’ve always wanted!

If you find yourself wishing you were more organized, needing to share tasks with your spouse, or trying to set up group events or projects, we think Astrid can help.

★★★★★ What others are saying

“Astrid is an amazingly powerful to-do manager” — Engadget
“An extremely tenacious beast” — Lifehacker
“Unlike some other collaboration software, the interface is super simple” — TechCrunch
“This handsomely robust to-do list tracker sports a host of advanced features” — PCWorld

Ready, tiger? Download Astrid today!


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