BatterySense by Philips gives you the lowdown on your iPhone’s battery

With the iPhone 4S and iOS 5’s reported battery woes, it’s no wonder then that you’ve keeping a close eye on the battery meter. The 5.0.1 update that should address these power zapping issues is still 2-3 weeks away from general release. In the meantime though, you can rely on Philips’ BatterySense iDevice app. Like many battery monitors for iOS (Battery Doctor Pro for instance), BatterySense provides users with the estimated hours remaining for talk time, internet use, audio/video playback, gameplay etc. based on the current charge of the device. What’s unique with BatterySense is its “What if?” feature. By dragging the power meter up or down, the app will give recommendations on how to achieve extended usage. So if you wish to add an extra hour to watching videos, it’ll tell you to turn down screen brightness and turn off WiFi. There’s even a “Tips for Better Battery Life” page that gives some nice advice on maximizing your i-juice.

Aside from having one of the cleanest interfaces among battery apps, BatterySense is also a free download. Every iPhone should have one of these utilities installed, and Philips’ is good place to start.

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App Description

Philips created this simple and intuitive app to help you get the most out of your device when you’re in between charges. By telling it what you need to do and for how long, BatterySense can recommend what settings to adjust to achieve more battery life while on the go.

BatterySense is a free app that shows you what iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad functions you can use and for how long based on your device’s current battery charge. It also suggests ways to preserve battery life based on how long you need your battery to last.

The main screen prominently displays your current battery charge. Tapping a button shows you estimated time remaining for the most common activities including:
– Talk time (for iPhone)
– Internet calling (for iPod Touch)
– eBook reading (for iPad)
– Internet use
– Audio Playback
– Video playback
– Standby time
– Game play
– Time until fully charged

Want to see everything at a glance? The “All data” view provides a detailed look at each activity and estimates for how much time is remaining for each.

The “What if” feature provides a fun and interactive way to see estimates for how much battery life you could achieve if you changed specific settings on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Use the “What if” slider by dragging your finger to the battery level you would like to achieve, and let BatterySense make the best recommendations for how to achieve it.

The BatterySense app provides battery charge and remaining battery life estimates – some variances may occur depending on a combination of factors, including your battery’s age. BatterySense makes suggestions to preserve your battery life but doesn’t actually turn any settings on or off. You can follow BatterySense suggestions by simply browsing to your device’s Settings.

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