10 New App Store Games To Watch [Oct. 31 – Nov. 6]


This week’s 10 New App Store Games to Watch is for those that feel the need for speed.  Invictus released Race Of Champions, a racing game that lets you drive licensed cars on real world tracks to compete in a tournament that will determine the best racer in the world.  On the other hand, if you want to feel the excitement of a New York cabbie with a bit more exotic locale you might try Cosmic Cab, the game where your fares are out of this world.  If driving vehicles isn’t your thing at all there’s Zombie Parkour Runner HD, a game that requires you to use your athletic skills to outrun hordes of undead that would love nothing better than to eat your brains.

Mamba Nation Battle – This is a cartoonish one-on-one brawler with customizable avatars.  You can challenge your friends directly via Facebook Connect, or simply play against a random opponent from around the world just by being attached to a WiFi / 3G network.  When using Facebook Connect you can even share your exploits on your wall.  Nothing is really said about the control scheme, but I’m guessing that it is very simple due to the lack of on screen controls being displayed.  That should make for a nice pick up and play type atmosphere.  There’s also mention of a new “mentoring system” which could be kind of interesting.  Mamba Nation Battle is universal and supports AirPlay so it can be played on your TV.  There are also planned updates on a regular basis for everything from new animations to new rewards, so make sure to keep up to date for the best playing experience.

Mamba Nation Battle Bulkypix, Mamba Nation Battle, – Free

Monster Burner – The goal of this game is simple: burn all the monsters before they get to you.  The power of the flame is at your fingertips, and you’ll be able to collect coins to buy new and more powerful fire spells along the way.  The invaders aren’t dumb however, so you’ll need to strategize and use your spells wisely to make sure you don’t run out before all the bad guys are toast.  Challenge your friends on the leaderboards, and when you pass their high score you’ll get to flame their avatar within the game as a reward.  Then brag about your achievements on Facebook or Twitter!  There’s even a kid’s mode that offers the same great action with easier goals, though you’ll need to make sure you have a plan of attack for rescuing your iPad once you’ve handed it over to them.

Monster Burner Ubisoft, Monster Burner, – $2.99

Cosmic Cab – This game looks to put an interesting spin on the whole tunnel runner concept.  Instead of being a creature or spaceship or anything like that you control a taxi cab, and your job is to pick up alien fares and deliver them safely and quickly.  You’ll get big tips for flawless driving and for cutting corners to get the fares to their destinations more quickly.  You’ll be able to reduce your drive time by jumping gaps, plowing through boosters and using ramps for crazy jumps.  You can also earn cash by collecting antimatter, and for the ultimate driver there’s a little task involving saving the universe if you can figure out why the passengers are so uptight.  Zany characters and humorous dialog make this more than just an anonymous journey.  The 3D graphics look pretty sharp, and you can customize your cab with skins that you unlock.

Cosmic Cab Sybo Games, Cosmic Cab, – $0.99

Greed Corp HD – This award winning PC / console strategy game is now available for the iPad.  You’ll choose one of four factions vying for dominance in this richly detailed steam-punk world.  Can you master the delicate balance between resource gathering and preserving the planet?  You’ll need to, while at the same time destroying your opponents – or the land they occupy.  The innovative land collapsing mechanic is one of the most interesting aspects of the combat.  You’ll get plenty of opportunity to explore this technique as you battle through 4 chapters that comprise 24 unique maps in single player mode.  When the honeymoon’s over you can duke it out in 2, 3 or 4 player battles across 36 different maps.  The multiplayer mode can be any combination of local, online and computer opponents.  Along your way to global conquest you can earn trophies and titles, as well as climb the online leaderboards.

Greed Corp HD Invictus, Greed Corp HD, – $4.99

Race of Champions – official game – Forget your local drag race strip, ROC is the tournament to crown the greatest racer in the world, and now you can participate.  The vehicles are real: race in a KTM X-Bow, a Solution F Prototype or 3 others, with more vehicle types on the way.  Race in real tracks recreated from events in London, Paris and more.  The development staff had input from expert drivers, so expect some precise and accurate controls.  The game employs tilt, tap and virtual control modes for your playing comfort.  The visuals are stunning, and the game has been optimized for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4.  Look for lots of details in everything from the tracks to the drivers.  Game modes include a race through 4 championships, Duel Mode where you can challenge drivers ahead of you on the leaderboards and Time Challenge Mode for a race against the clock with a ghost car recreating your previous run on the track.  There are numerous camera views for you to see the action, realistic car damage, and even a finely tuned replay system.

Race of Champions - official game Invictus, Race of Champions – official game, – $4.99

Heroic Legends – Tired of MMOs yet?  If not, here’s another new one.  In Heroic Legends you can get a job and earn money by completing tasks.  You can create your own character and equip him with all the best weapons and armor.  You can even attack other players for experience and recognition.  The focus of this MMO, however, seems to be guilds.  Join a guild or invite your friends to help you build up your guild.  Chat in real time with other members of your guild, and have your guild take on dangerous quests to earn great rewards.  Ultimately, pit your guild against the competition in legendary guild wars.  All this is wrapped up in gorgeous retina display graphics and epic music.  Oh, and the game is free and universally supported.

Heroic Legends FABULAPPS, Heroic Legends, – Free

Grave Defense HD – The tower defense craze seems to have settled down a little bit these days, which makes it more exciting to actually see a new one appear on the App Store.  Grave Defense takes the path a bit less trodden in that it features the undead as your main adversaries.  Better yet, you’ll get to face off against some of history’s greatest horror icons like Dracula and Frankenstein’s Monster.  Weapons and towers include all the tricks of the trade like fire, electricity, lasers and more.  Locales range from the exotic Amazon rain forest to the slightly more exotic Bermuda Triangle to… outer space?  Talk about out of this world!  There are four difficulty levels to test even the veteran gamers’ mettle, and a survival mode for when campaigning just isn’t enough.  Achievements and high score rankings make all your efforts worthwhile.

GRave Defense HD Bulkypix, GRave Defense HD, – $2.99

Boxman Rising – A lot of times it feels like games use block or stick or basic characters simply because whoever is doing the artwork can’t draw people or creatures.  While that might still be the case here, the boxy, textureless characters actually look pretty cool.  As for the game itself, it’s a beat-em-up with more than 40 levels to conquer.  It has a highly advanced attack system, complete with 50+ skills to master, many of which can be acquired from the enemies.  These skills can be upgraded, and there are even lethal moves to learn.  Best of all is that you don’t have to do this on your own: you have a strong AI partner that will help you rid the streets of the criminal element.

BoxMan Rising Goorusoft, BoxMan Rising, – $1.99

Zombie Parkour Runner HD – The iPhone version of this game came out a couple of weeks ago, but since I somehow missed it I decided to include this in my list anyway.  Running games are oddly fun, and zombies are just plain cool, so combining them seems like a no-brainer.  Zombie Parkour Runner does just that, providing you with 24 levels of running, jumping, and general zombie avoidance.  Forget the heavy artillery: hurdle obstacles, leap from rooftops, dash across billboards and more to keep the undead from eating your brains.  You’ll tour the city skyline, weave through construction zones, and visit a deadly amusement park in your attempts to evade your rambling adversaries.  There are many different kinds of zombies to outwit, so the chase should never get dull.  And, for those that want more than just the thrill of escaping, the game has OpenFeint and Game Center integration for achievements, three stars to earn on each level, and lots of goodies to find and levels / areas to unlock.

Zombie Parkour Runner HD Break Media, Zombie Parkour Runner HD, – $2.99

AZMK [HD] – Alien Zombie Mutant Killer HD – Stylistically it looks like the developers took one of the dungeons from the original Legend Of Zelda and applied a space station theme to it.  You choose one of two characters to storm the station and battle 20 different types of monsters and 3 bosses.  Make sure you explore the station carefully to find hidden treasures as well as weapons and items to use during combat.  There are various skills to master, and the bad guys get more challenging as you delve deeper into the station.  AZMK is integrated into Game Center to provide global leaderboards and achievements.  My one concern is that the rooms look relatively empty aside from creatures, so hopefully that either changes as the game progresses or the action is enough to counter the potential lack of environment based puzzles.

AZMK [HD] - Alien Zombie Mutant Killer HD Nerlaska Studio, AZMK [HD] – Alien Zombie Mutant Killer HD, – $0.99

That was just 10 of the many new releases this past week. Here are several more notable titles you may find of interest:

Well that wraps up another week of games to watch on the App Store.  As always, if there’s something you’ve played from the past week that you feel should be part of this list, please leave a reply to this post.

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