Oink now available on iOS

Oink, brought to you by Kevin Rose (the man behind Digg.com), has landed for iOS. Unlike other social recommendation tools, Oink lets you rate and rank things around you. So instead of simply recommending a local burger joint to your friends, you can snap a photo of that mouth-watering hamburguesa and giving it a rating. The more items you share and rate, the more “cred” you build. This way others with similar tastes/interests will know who to trust.

What you can do with Oink:
• Rate items around you and share with your followers
• See all the cool stuff your friends and other users are Oinking
• Find the best things in town (e.g. Best “Pizza” in Denver)
• Find the items at a place (e.g., Best roller coasters at Six Flags)
• Build “cred” in your areas of interest
• Share your Oink activity on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare

Oink is free to use, though at this point it appears you’ll need to wait for that invite before you can start rating items around you. Video demo after the gap.

Oink Milk Inc., Oink, – Free

  • http://twitter.com/Nick_UTD Nick Ho

    The folks from Taap.it Live Local want to help any Oinkers who want to save their Oinks.  Per Tom Nguyen, Community Manager withTaap.it: “With a simple, one step Oink-to-Taap Import Tool located at http://taap.it/import-oink , former Oinkers can convert their painstakingly accrued Oinks into Taaps, and continue rating specific things inside places.

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