Pocket Tools Offers 7 Popular Utilities in One Lightweight App

Chandler, Arizona – CreativeMotion is proud to announce the release of their new all in one application, Pocket Tools. Offering a versatile combination of seven popular utilities, Pocket Tools sacrifices no amount of quality with its powerful execution and great, yet simple functionality. With this in mind, these utilities are condensed into a conveniently concise package.

Provided with the app are the following:
* Flashlight
* Plumb Bob
* Surface Level
* Ruler
* Caliper
* Protractor
* Unit Converter

Apple’s iPhones and iPods are very flexible devices, and developers have found many ways to adapt its features into applications outside of just making calls and listening to music. Pocket Tools was developed with strong considerations to usability and convenience; by analyzing the application market and surveying users, these tools and utilities were specifically chosen to provide a compilation of the most usable features that are available, and to package them into one powerful application. How each tool maintains its synergy with the rest was also an important factor in its development, and many of these tools integrate well with each other in the tasks they complete, whether it is design, construction, homework, or repair.

Each tool is fully functional and has many features that are common in stand alone versions:
* The plumb bob maximizes accuracy by providing an integrated camera and movable target lines
* The surface level contains hold functions for easier movement between areas of measurement
* Advanced calibration programming is integrated into the application for increased accuracy in the plumb bob and surface level
* Angle measurements are available in radian and degrees for all related functions
* The ruler is extendable for measurements longer than the device
* The ruler’s measurements are available in both inches and centimeters
* The ruler can be flipped or reversed to enhance versatility
* The caliper uses a digital display that reads in inches and millimeters, and contains precise centimeter rulings in the graphics area
* Over 90 different unit conversions in 13 different categories are available

All functions are activated via an interactive tool selector. This selector was intuitively designed to avoid accidental movement during usage of the program. The menu can be hidden or shown by swiping to the left or right on any non functional area with two fingers. The option to auto hide this menu after a specified duration, rather than use manual swiping, is also conveniently available.

All in one applications often provide reduced functionality by focusing on the quantity of individual tools. Pocket Tools strives to avoid this sacrifice, and provides a number of features atop a rich and pleasing graphics setting. By combining so many apps into one, Pocket Tools allow users to avoid cluttering their screens with a several different app icons. By utilizing efficient and optimized programming, Pocket Tools is only 10 MB, being very lightweight considering its functionality and saving valuable hard drive space.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod running iOS 4.0 or later
* iPhone 4 for LED Flashlight Utility
* iPhone with camera functionality for integration into Plumb Bob utility
* 8 MB Hard Drive Space

Pricing and Availability:
Pocket Tools 1.0 is now available for $0.99 USD and can be purchased worldwide using the iTunes store. A fully functional, ad driven free version is also available.

Pocket Tools 1.0
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CreativeMotion is a premier provider of application development for the Apple line of products. The company was founded in 2011 by a pair of brothers living in Chandler, Arizona. With a focus in mobile applications, CreativeMotion strives to bring consumers quality and affordable programs with great usability. (C) 2011 CreativeMotion LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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