STREET FIGHTER IV VOLT in Review – All juiced up and ready to kick some online booty!

When STREET FIGHTER IV (TMA Review) first released for the iPhone, it redefined in many ways the arcade fighting arena on the platform. Granted, we did have some quality titles before that, like Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior (TMA Review), but the adaptation of the legendary franchise was the first to bring the true console experience to iOS. But one thing was missing, and a crucial thing for any arcade fighting at that. I’m talking of course, about multiplayer. Well, fans of beating your friends to a pulp, rejoice, as this has been remedied with the release of STREET FIGHTER IV VOLT.

STREET FIGHTER IV VOLT is a classic console-quality fighting game. You control one of the twenty two unique characters, each with their own background and motivation, in the tournament for the title of the greatest warrior ever. Are you waiting for more? Well forget it! This is an arcade fighting game after all!

Street Fighter 4 Volt brings the full console experience to the iOS. With a stunning twenty two playable characters, you’ll be hard pressed to be left wanting for variety. The cast features both the favourite classic characters like Ken or Ryu, as well as a bunch of brand new faces. Each warrior has more than a dozen special moves divided into several classes. There are the unique attacks, the special ones (aka combos), the EX moves, the powerful super combos, triggerable using a more complicated button mashing or a timely use of the charged up combo-meter. And let’s not forget the super powerful round-ending ultra combo, which is next to impossible to achieve via the run-of-mill button pressing, but readily available via the charged up counter-attack button.

But what would all of this goodness be without a place to bash the hell out of your opponent, right? Well, Street Fighter 4 Volt has a bunch of options for your pleasure. From the practice dojo, to pitching yourself against a single opponent, to a full-blown tournament (though I found the story lacking). The AI is a formidable opponent, especially on the higher difficulty levels. But for me the killer feature is the long-awaited online multiplayer. I had no troubles finding myself a remote human challenger and must admit I was squashed flat in a matter of seconds. Oh well, back to AI pummeling.

Visually Street Fighter 4 Volt is a treat. With full support for the Retina display the fighting looks gorgeous, although the anti-aliasing could’ve been a bit better. Street Fighter 4 Volt offers the traditional 2D perspective, and the control scheme has been a bit simplified compared to the console original. The 6 attack buttons have been replaced by just four, with the special SP button to facilitate pulling off special attacks. Unfortunately even with it included, trying to do a combo involving any kind of specific virtual joystick trajectory is a pain with the iPhone’s total lack of tactile feedback. Thankfully the most powerful combos are additionally available via tapping the charged up combo and counterstrike meters, making them accessible even to the casual gamers.

Regardless of what you think of the franchise, Street Fighter 4 Volt is currently the only serious player in the arcade fighting market of the App Store. A wide array of characters each with their own unique attacks, superb graphics and polished controls make a case for offering a full console quality experience that fits in your pocket. And the addition of online multiplayer is just that last cherry on top, making Street Fighter 4 Volt the first and only choice for anyone looking for a way to channel their anger and frustration.

With this I declare STREET FIGHTER IV VOLT officially touched!

Kiss It Rating - 5/5

App Summary
Reviewed Ver: 1.02.01 Min OS Req: 4.2
Price: $6.99 App Size: 443.36MB
  • 22 characters with unique combos
  • polished controls
  • nice graphics
  • online multiplayer
  • making combos with the virtual joystick is a pain
  • some antialiasing wanted


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