Situation SHUFFLE for iPhone puts crazy fun back into reasoning games

Seoul, South Korea – From the minds of the creative geniuses at renowned mobile software developer IntStorm Studios, comes an iPhone app that will forever change the way users think about reasoning games. Situation Shuffle for iPhone, available for just $0.99 at iTunes, is a reasoning game that – in surprising users during gameplay with the ability to unlock secret Shuffle Quizzes – does away with the dull and puts the fun and wild spontaneity back into problem solving games. All you have to do is arrange a set of image cards in the right sequence; but, be advised…you’ll have to be super observant (and intelligent) to crack the code!

Unlike most problem solving apps, many of which provide a rigid, dreary format and a limited scope, Situation Shuffle solves the problem of dull, dry reasoning apps by offering an application that offers a wide variety of different game modes and numerical and imaging challenges. Your logic might be tested by a number-sequencing challenge; you might decide you want to challenge your I.Q.; or maybe take a stroll through the comprehensive Quiz Challenge mode. You’re not likely to ever get bored with this app, as Situation Shuffle features 30 IQ quizzes, 30 extra quizzes and six Shuffle quizzes.

“We wanted to solve the problem of the usual, everyday reasoning game app – which is that, even if they are challenging, they are sometimes just so dull and stuffy and repetitive,” said Lena Kwon, Manager at UbiNuri Inc.. “With Situation Shuffle, we have created a reasoning app that not only develops critical thinking skills, but is also fun to play. The interface is beautiful to look at, the image cards are really bright, and there are different modes to get lost in…Everything about this app, especially the ability to, during gameplay, unlock hidden shuffle quizzes, was designed to put the fun and spontaneity back into problem solving games.”

No matter what your pleasure is when it comes to reasoning games, IntStorm Studios has your number with this unique and challenging app, available right now at iTunes for $0.99. Situation Shuffle is not just a super fun game that provides a never-ending stream of reasoning challenges, it is an app that solves the proverbial question: Where does one find a reasoning game app that is challenging, fun and spontaneous, and NOT boring?

“We think Situation Shuffle is the answer to the dull reasoning game,” said Kwon, “but I guess you’ll have to try it and find out for yourself. We always appreciate customer feedback, so after you try Situation Shuffle, tell us what you think!”

* Quiz selection mode
* Quiz challenge mode
* Bold, bright image cards
* Hidden shuffle quizzes (can be unlocked during gameplay!)
* i.Q. session/rankings
* Superior interface, audio, graphics
* Handy hint button mode

Device requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* iOS 4.0 or later
* 19.8 MB

Availability and Pricing:
Situation SHUFFLE 2.21 is available for download in the iTunes App store for just $0.99.

Situation SHUFFLE 2.21
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
App Icon

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