Fast and accurate QR code scanning comes to iOS with Qrious

Edinburgh, United Kingdom – Point Release Software is proud to announce the immediate availability of Qrious 1.4. Qrious, previously known as Unboxed, is a QR (quick response) code reader for iPhone 3GS or later, including the new iPhone 4S, and Apple’s iPod touch.

Point Release Software created Qrious to be an attractive, friendly and easy to use QR code reader while not compromising on scanning speed or accuracy. Qrious works great with any iOS device featuring an auto-focus camera. All you need to do is point the device at a QR code and Qrious will automatically begin to focus on and scan any QR code without further action.

When you scan a code with Qrious you can instantly act on the results of that code by choosing from a range of options, all based on the results of the scan. These can be to visit a URL, send an email, call a phone number or a number of other actions. Qrious also includes tips to aid in successful QR code scanning.

Qrious also brings QR code recognition and reading to your Photos app photos. This allows anyone to scan a QR code from an email, image on the Internet, or a photo, and read those QR codes without needing to be where the original code appears.

Qrious is available in the English, French, German and Italian languages.

Qrious’ features include:
* Read codes from the camera or the photo library
* Optimised scanning algorithms to ensure quick recognition and decoding
* One touch scanning. No resizing or having to press a second button to scan
* Support for URL, text, SMS (number without message only due to limitations in iOS), FaceTime, phone number, YouTube video and email address QR codes
* A clean and concise user interface, including tips on best scanning practices
* Optimised for the retina display
* Available in English, French, Japanese and Italian languages

Device Requirements:
* iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or an iPod touch 4th generation (code scanning via camera)
* iPod touch 2nd or 3rd generation (Photos app code reading only)
* Minimum OS: iOS 4.3 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Qrious 1.4 is available worldwide exclusively on the App Store, and costs $1.99 (USD).

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Point Release Software is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and is run by independent developer and entrepreneur, Mark Reid. Apps that we have worked on include our own iSpy Reference range, iSpyCats, iSpyBirds, iSpyDogs, and also other apps we’ve developed for clients such as Kitchen Monsters – Cooking for Kids and iCentral. We currently working on updates to our iOS apps, new apps and are also available to hire for other projects. At Point Release Software we believe in creating compelling user interfaces that, while simple, empower app users worldwide. All that backed up by code that is well written, commented and thoroughly tested before release. All Material and Software (C) 2010-2011 Point Release Software / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPod, the iPod logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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