IDC Projects Releases New Location-Based Game

Rolla, Missouri – IDC Projects announced the beta launch of their newest app, Hazards. IDC Projects is looking to define a new market for the location based gaming community while allowing players to experience a true gaming atmosphere and maintain a strong social aspect of play.

After months of design and development, the beta test is coming to the students and faculty of Missouri S&T, located in Rolla, Missouri. Chosen for their technical and gaming knowledge, IDC Projects sought a controlled testing atmosphere with a large population of tech savvy consumers to test their application. Missouri S&T proves to be the perfect test environment.

Hazards is a social game that uses the phone’s GPS to compete with friends by placing “hazards,” virtual traps placed in real locations. Hazards was conceived as a way to engage the location based game population and add some risk and reward to the typical check-in process of apps such as Foursquare or Gowalla. Internal market research indicates that there are not any games that incorporate both the location based nature of Hazards while focusing on being a strategy game. The Android only beta release is available as of 10/31/2011. Beta testers can download a copy at IDC Projects online. The game is scheduled for release on iOS and Android by the end of 2011.

IDC Projects has implemented several features that set Hazards apart from the typical location based, massively multi-player, online game. They have applied the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to simulate players which increases playability for early adopters or in remote areas with a small population. This strategy was executed as a result of other location based apps struggling in remote or rural areas.

The beta test will primarily determine the scalability of the AI and it’s perceived effect by users. By design, normal users will be unaware of the system. As the number of players grows in a region, the AI will gradually remove itself from operation, resulting in purely organic players. More information on the capabilities and limitations of the AI system can be read on the Hazards website.

There are several types of hazards which players can use to affect other players in different ways. The points system used in Hazards are “Quoins” and can be gained or lost based on the players placing or trespassing on hazards. The core strategy of the game is based upon when and where to place a hazard and the characteristics chosen for it. Played foolishly, a player can easily lose all of their starting Quoins. If placed strategically, however, the hazards placed can reap great rewards for a smart player.

IDC Projects

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