Apollo Browser + IM updated with Chrome/Firefox sync and more

ApolloBrowser+IM, one of the more useful Safari alternatives on iOS, has now added Chrome and Firefox sync to its number of features. With the new sync abilities, you can leave your desktop and pickup where you left off on your iPhone/iPad – bookmarks, tabs and browser history will appear within Apollo. To enable sync though, you do have to carry out two steps beforehand: Install Firefox Sync and/or Chrome Sync apps on your iDevice, as well as the desktop extensions for Firefox and Chrome. All the data are stored using Google Docs, so your google password isn’t sent to or saved by the developer. Even if accessing your bookmarks and tabs aren’t essential on the go, Apollo does offer nifty features like video pop out (watch a video and continue visiting other webpages at the same time), two panel Google Reader functionality, tabbed browsing, adblock and of course, Facebook Chat. For the price of Free, Apollo is certainly worth checking out. Video demo of the app in action after the break.

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Welcome to Apollo Browser, the most powerful and yet totally free iOS browser for both iPhone and iPad. There are many browser apps like Skyfire, Atomic,Terra and iCab, what makes Apollo special?

First let’s take a look at the feature list: Chrome/Firefox sync, Facebook Chat, downloader ,adblock, first class multi-tab capability , and G reader optimization +video/web split screen for iPad.

With Chrome/Firefox sync, you can leave your computer at any time , pick up your iDevice ,fire up Apollo and continue browsing. All your bookmarks, history and even the tabs you left open are right here,following you anywhere.

With built-in Facebook Chat, you can finally do web and IM in one app, no more switching between Facebook app and browser clumsily, no more missed Facebook message while browsing.Found something fun on web? Send the link to FB friend and chat about it right away, isn’t that exciting?

As a browser designed for power user,Team Apollo spent a lot of time on multi-tab capability, try it for your self, Apollo could hold 6-7 tabs on iPad2 and iPhone4 without any page reload.unlike safari, which starts to reload at 3-4 tabs.

Downloader is also built-in, nothing fancy but solid.

Another performance boost comes from the adblock ,it’s turned-on by default. So your page loading and scrolling is much faster. Web page is much more cleaner and more enjoyable without flashy ads.

On iPad , Apollo is the only browser which optimize G Reader web page into beautiful two-pane layout, no more ugly iPhone layout on iPad, and save the money for RSS reader. You will find G reader experience much better in Apollo browser.

Another exclusive feature for iPad is video popout, use this to split screen between streaming video and web page, so you can enjoy both at the same time.

So, what are you waiting for ? Download now and have fun!
Visit www.apollobrowser.com or follow ApolloBrowser on twitter, don’t forget to give us 5 star rating in App Store if you like Apollo!

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