How does the iPhone 4S camera stack up to the Samsung Galaxy II and other smartphones?

One of the iPhone 4S’ selling features is the improved 8MP camera, which was recently confirmed to be made by Sony. But how much better is it than that of the iPhone 4? According to PC World, about 7 points out of a 100 (81 vs 74.6). Using the very capable Nikon Coolpix p300 as a control subject, and the likes of the Galaxy S II and MyTouch Slide 4G, the iPhone 4S performed very well, though it wasn’t quite top dog when it came to overall still-image quality scores.

The T-Mobile MyTouch Slide 4G remains the best phone camera we’ve ever tested for still-image quality, but it now has some serious competition. The Samsung Galaxy SII (we used the Epic Touch 4G version for Sprint in these tests) and the new Apple iPhone 4S finished right on its heels. In fact, the results were so close in our lab tests–only 0.7 point separates the top-ranked MyTouch Slide 4G from the third-place iPhone 4S–that you could argue for any of those three phones as the best overall.

Each of the top three phones has its own strengths. Based on our judges’ feedback after looking at the test images, the T-Mobile MyTouch Slide 4G took the sharpest-looking shots and had the most accurate-looking colors; the Samsung Galaxy SII captured the most evenly exposed photos with and without its flash enabled; and the iPhone 4S had an impressive lack of distortion and the most evenly balanced scores across the board for exposure, color, sharpness, and distortion. Without a doubt, the star feature of the iPhone 4S’s camera is its automated white balance, which is extremely accurate.

As for video recording, the 4S came in fourth with an overall score of 77.2, providing solid results for both bright-light and low-light video. While the new camera isn’t leaps and bounds better than the iPhone 4 (at least for the casual shutterbug), it’s definitely a step in the right direction and will likely replace the point-and-shoot for many, if it hasn’t already. Head on over to PC World for the full report and see for yourself just how well the 4S performs against the competition.

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