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Daegu, South Korea – How do you make a music in your iPhone? Do you insert each note in the small display? ezComposer supports chord and style editor so that user doesn’t need to sequence each note. The free version also has full chord set and style sets. For beginners, ezComposer supports chord progression recommedation system. So, to make a song, what you need is arrange the chord and playing styles of each instrument by drag and drop. ezComposer has 49 HQ instruments with 16bit 44.1kHz and 7 drumkits including standard, jazz, rock and more.

The ezcomposer website shows simple demo of making canon in 5 min. Users can export to midi file then load their music in their favorite desktop DAW like cubase, sonar. It’s easy:

Drag-and-drop based chord and style editing:
* 144 chords: major, minor, 7th, 6th, m7, m7, m7-5, aug, dim, dim7, Maj7, sus4 chords
* 132 drum styles: 4 beat, 8 beat, 16 beat and various feel-ins
* 132 piano styles: Well-sequenced midi playing sets like professional pianist’s play
* 72 guitar styles: Various sets from stroke to arpeggio (A1-1 ~ B9-3)
* 60 base guitar styles: Various bass guitar styles (C1-1 ~ D6-3)
* Double tapping support to insert chord and style

Chord recommendation system:
* Next chord recommendation system based on current chord progression.
* Instant chord progression guide
* 500s various chord progression for each Key(12 Major Keys, 12 Minor Keys)

Keyboard and Drumpad
* Velocity-aware Drumpad: For drumkit, you can use drumpad to record drum notes!
* Velocity-aware Keyboard: 2-layered Keyboard.

* 49 various high quality instruments with 16bit 44.1khz
* Standard, Jazz, Rock, House, etc. 7 various drum kits.

* User-friendly made user interface and interactive instant help system
* Midi file exporting
* Copy & paste
* Volume and pan control for each track
* Midi tempo control
* Block the auto sequencing (double tapping the the style editor)

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
* iOS 4.0 or later
* 21 MB

Pricing and Availability:
ezComposerFree 1.22 for iPhone, iPod is Free app. ezComposer for iPhone, iPod is $9.99 (USD). ezComposer Pro for iPad is $13.99. All of them are available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category. ezComposer Pro is iPad only and it supports ez sequencer.

ezComposerFree 1.22
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