Full Version of Bro Lifeline is Free for the Weekend

Los Angeles, California – TechiXoft, the company behind Bro Lifeline decided to make the paid version of the app free for limited time, in celebration of the good reviews and wide media coverage that it has received. Several mobile blogs as well as other prominent websites already noticed the app, and commended its various features.

According to CNET, Bro Lifeline is the “wingman app that covers you butt,” while popular Internet blog Social Times mentioned that the app is the “ultimate wingman.” Meanwhile, mobile-centered site AppVader stated that while a few apps have tried, “none really have succeeded like Bro Lifeline.”

“The iPhone community has been very good to us,” said TechiXoft CEO John Nicasio. He added that, “We’re truly humbled and happy for the app’s success, so we decided to make Bro Lifeline available for free, so that more people can download it.”

About Bro Lifeline:
Bro Lifeline generates fake background sounds (to get out of awkward phone calls), pick-up lines, pep talks, and excuses that are all designed to help guys out. It also has a built-in sharing capability that lets users conveniently send the content via email or SMS.

Bro Lifeline aims to assist and entertain guys or “bros,” as they handle dating issues and other sticky situations. However, what makes the app unique is its comprehensiveness. According to Nicasio, “You can’t find any other app in the market that has sounds, pickup lines, pep talks, jokes, and excuses all in one program. That’s what makes it the ultimate wingman app.”

Fake Background Sounds:
The fake background noises feature of Bro Lifeline simulates sounds of different locations, such as being stuck in traffic, in a train station, in the bathroom, having car trouble, and more. This also encourages users to let their buddies download the app, so that his friends can help him get out of an awkward phone call. If he happens to be in a place that he’s not supposed to, he can just let one his friends play one of the sounds using his phone so that the unwanted (but necessary call) can be taken care of.

Pick Up Lines:
Bro Lifeline is loaded with pick up lines from four categories: funny, sweet, safe, and dirty. Users can simply select a category, and generate pick up lines with a tap of a button, or by shaking their phone. They can even text or email the lines to their friends.

Pep Talks:
The pep talk feature of Bro Lifeline is made for guys (or guys who have friends) that are going through a breakup, can’t talk to a girl, or getting married. By tapping a button or shaking their phone, users will be able to generate words of encouragement to help him (or his friends) get through difficult situations.

The app can also generate excuses and alibis for certain situations, including getting out of a speeding ticket, being late or absent for work, and alibis to avoid a bad date.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
* 13.3 MB

Pricing and Availability:
For a limited time, Bro Lifeline 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.

Bro Lifeline 1.0
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