GoodPlayer – Movie Player & Downloader & Streaming Media Player in Review – All-round best in class movie player with streaming

For the longest time, one of the most frustrating issues with the iPhone was its inability to play anything other than pre-converted MP4 video. Of course, this has changed with the introduction of the iPhone 4 and a number of apps by 3rd party developers have arrived on the platform ever since. That said though, a glaring issue still has been streaming support. I have reviewed AirPlayer (TMA Review) – the only contender I could find some months ago and was appalled by it’s horrible performance, both connected to the TV and not. Then, I came across GoodPlayer – Movie Player & Downloader & Streaming Media Player

GoodPlayer – Movie Player & Downloader & Streaming Media Player is an all-in-one media cruncher that’s able to get to the content via almost any means, from UPnP to Samba shares. Oh yeah, it can play media transferred via iTunes as well!

First off let’s start with the general playback functionality. I’ve tried and tested Goodplayer with all the filetypes I had available at hand, from the commonplace AVI in XViD or DivX and WMV to flv, MKV and even realplayer videos. It happily gulped up everything in SD quality on my iPhone 4 and even managed 720p videos with almost perfect flawlessness for AVI. And on the iPad 2, 1080p content encountered no issues whatever. But frankly, all of this was not much of a surprise since almost all currently available media players on iOS use the open-source FFMpeg library for live transcoding, which means the actual performance is similar across the board.

The tasty stuff lies in the streaming capabilities of Goodplayer, and here it’s truly unrivalled at this point. You can get files over direct streaming links, UPnP media servers, Samba/CIFS shares and even FTP or WebDAV servers. I’ve had no problems connecting to my NAS over all of the said protocols with excellent performance across the board. Even connected to the TV via Apple’s Component cable, SD movies played flawlessly over my aged WiFi-g network.

The interface is the one part of Goodplayer that could be improved on a bit. While there are no actual issues or problems with it as such, I feel that it’s a bit too heavy on the standard Apple browsing elements, which aren’t perfect for media consumption. And the fact that played videos aren’t marked as such, at least over streaming, is an added frustration, especially when watching multiple seasons of tv shows. On the upside – Goodplayer IS universal, so it’ll work on both your iPhone and your iPad.

At the moment, if you’re looking for a full-featured streaming video player for the iOS, Goodplayer is a natural choice. A wide range of supported formats and protocols with excellent performance (and no TV-Out degradation to boot) leaves the competitors far behind in both features and polish. If the developers are able to improve upon the user interface, Goodplayer would truly be the perfect app to consume your media collection.

With this I declare GoodPlayer – Movie Player & Downloader & Streaming Media Player officially touched!

App Summary
Title: GoodPlayer – Movie Player & Downloader & Streaming Media PlayerDeveloper: Hustmobile
Reviewed Ver:3.3Min OS Req:3.2
Price:$2.99App Size:17.38MB
  • Supports most modern Audio/Video formats
  • Works over UPnP, Samba (Windows shares), FTP, HTTP and WebDAV
  • Local file storage support
  • TV-Out support with no performance decrease
  • Universal
  • The UI could use a touch-up


  • Pckid32

    My experience with my mkvs is not so good. Stutters frequently. Still haven’t found one that plays mkvs properly. WAs hoping this would be it. Tried on my iPad 2 64GB Hard Reboot. Cinexplayer is worse but it’s still not watchable on Goodplayer. 

  • Pckid32

    Hmmm. Very suspect all these positive reviews when it doesn’t work that well on any format except avi which all the similar apps do anyway.

  • Pckid32, what quality is your MKV? Do you have dual-core support on in the settings? With it on I have no problems with 720p MKVs on my iPad 2.

  • Anonymous

    I have both AirPlayer and Goodplayer and I concur with pretty much everything in this review.

    It is weird that AirPlayer still struggles on SD DivX content on the iPad 2 even with the dual core option on and using FFMPEG.It certainly isn’t similar performance across all apps. Some serious decoding inefficiencies still exist.

    On the other hand, I have 720p MKVs playing fine on my Goodplayer on the iPad 2.

  • ReplayerHD

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  • Guest3453

    Unfortunate this application is not able to streaming
    from CloudFTP + Hard Disk (NTFS format).

    So it’s usefulness for me

  • Guest314

    Better to use “AcePlayer” which is able to REAL streaming.

    You copy your files (movies, music, etc.) from your PC (Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit) to a portable hard disk (NTFS format like your PC).

    You plug your portable hard disk to CloudFTP,
    You open your iPad 3 and choose “CloudFTP” server.
    You run “AcePlayer” and voila.
    Quiet and simple.

  • Movie Player HD+

    Try “Movie Player HD+”, it got a much better user interface and easier to use:

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