LogicalVue Software, Inc. Announces iBasic 1.0

South Portland, Maine – LogicalVue Software, Inc. today announces the availability of iBasic 1.0. With iBasic, now anyone can program! If you are just learning how to program, iBasic is a great place to start. If you are an experienced programmer, iBasic makes it easy for you to test your code. Are you a teacher? Use iBasic to make learning more fun for your students.

iBasic Features include:
* Powerful Basic programming language
* Fully object-oriented
* Text output
* Graphics output
* Includes 10 sample scripts to get you started
* Script editor has auto-indentation and syntax highlighting
* Coding errors display the line with the error in the editor
* Has built-in commands for drawing, input/output
* Fast: Your programs run instantly with no slow compile and link cycle

Powerful Programming Language
The Basic language that powers iBasic has all the commands you expect, including:

* Looping (For/Next, While/Wend, Do/Loop
* Conditional: If/Then/Else, Select Case
* Data types: Integer, String, Double, Boolean, Color, Object, Variant, Arrays, Constants
* Functions and Subroutines
* Classes with full inheritance and interfaces
* Modules
* String handling: InStr, Left, Right, Mid, Len, Lowercase, Uppercase, Trim, LTrim, RTrim, Asc, Chr, CountFields, Replace, ReplaceAll
* Math functions: Abs, Acos, Asin, Atan, Ceil, Cos, Exp, Floor, Format, Hex, Log, Max, Min, Oct, Pow, Rnd, Round, Sin, Sqrt, Tan,
* Drawing: DrawLine, DrawOval, DrawPicture, DrawRect, DrawText, SetColor
* Input/Output: InputLine, MessageBox, Print, SaveFile, SelectFile
* Other: Speak, ShowURL, StartTimer/EndTimer, Now

Sample Scripts:
* Bounce: Bounce a ball around the screen
* Boxes: Draw boxes on the screen in random locations
* BubbleSort: Sort an array of numbers, showing each step
* DiceRoll: Simulate rolling of dice
* DragonSweep: Draws a fractal “dragon”
* GuessTheNumber: Guess the number game
* Olympic: Draws the Olympic rings
* ShowPicture: Displays a picture that you select
* Sieve: Calculate prime numbers
* SineWave: Displays text in a wave

Pricing Availability
Through October 15th, iBasic is offered at a special introductory price of $9.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Developer Tools category.

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