Agenda Calendar updated to 2.0, now a universal app

Agenda Calendar, a popular and top 20 best selling productivity app on the App Store (currently sitting at #13), has just received its biggest and most anticipated update thus far. With version 2.0, Agenda not only receives several new features and tweaks, but more importantly, it’ll now work on your iPad natively as well. Aside from its minimalistic design, the most desirable aspect about Agenda Calendar is its lightning quick navigation, which is primarily achieved via up/down and left/right swipes. There’s no doubt that once you get used to how quick and easy it is to use, you’ll never go back to the iOS’ stock calendar app. More info and demo video after the gap.

Agenda Calendar App Savvy, Agenda Calendar, 1.1 MB – $1.99

App Description

What’s New

Our most ambitious update…to date. You can now enjoy Agenda on your iPad as a Universal app!

✓ Now a Universal app…enjoy it, on us :)
✓ Default view added to iPhone version (Settings → Extras); choose the year, month, week, or day view as your starting point during Agenda’s first launch
✓ Localized day name initial on all calendars

✓ For the week (list) view, increased the number of events visible in the future to thirty days; added an “x more” label if there are any events hidden
✓ Changed launch images to help support other (non-week) default views
✓ Renamed “Date Badge” to “Date on Badge”; moved “Date on Badge” to “Extras”
✓ Added loading heads-up display for second generation devices on launch

✓ Problem where selecting/deselecting calendars only updated after restarting Agenda
✓ Localization issue for non-English languages where months and day names were showing in English


Have a question or want to give feedback? Don’t write that in a review! Instead, visit the settings to drop a quick email from inside the app or write us at We’ll get you an answer fast because we’re committed to making Agenda be the best calendar app on the App Store. Please leave a great rating/review to allow us to keep making Agenda better.


Think about your tried and true paper calendar and then look at your typical app options. Busy, overcomplicated, and just plain not useful.

Enter Agenda.

We’ve brought the best of your old desktop calendar to iOS. We know you’ll love it.



+ Universal app…one great price, two great apps
+ Minimal, classic design that will remind you of a tried and true paper calendar
+ Swipes and gestures to quickly move you between views or from the past, present, or future
+ Smarts to recognize links, numbers, locations, etc. in the event view, making them actionable (e.g., addresses open up the Maps app)
+ “Go To” picker to fly to a date of choice
+ Search events on the iPhone by tapping the “Go To” icon (“14”) on the week (list) view or by visiting the “Day” view on the iPad
+ Add today’s date to the badge (Settings → Extras)


+ Landscape week view accessible from the week (list) view; swipe from current to past or future weeks and tap any day to see more details (tap again to close)
+ Set the default opening view (Settings → Extras); choose the year, month, week, or day view as your starting point during Agenda’s first launch
+ Swipe between the year, month, week, day, or event views with one finger
+ Tap the status bar on any view to return to “today”
+ Week numbers are available on the landscape week view


+ Amazing week view that shows your entire week at once
+ Tap the “Target” icon to “today”
+ Week numbers are available on the month view



Agenda supports Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, MobileMe, etc. by using the local iOS calendar app. All calendars in the iOS calendar will be available in Agenda.


On the iPhone, get back to “today” by using the “Go To” function in the toolbar or more quickly by tapping the status bar. The status bar is the top black bar on your screen, which shows the time and battery life. For the iPad, use the “Target” icon to do the same.


Apple only allows events that have no attendees to be edited. If the event is editable, you’ll see an “edit” button in the event view.


If you turn on the “Date on Badge” in Agenda’s settings, the number in the icon badge is today’s date.:) Apple requires it to look the way it does.

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